Correct spelling for SOTUH

We think the word sotuh is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sotuh

  • sat I sat day after day waiting for a letter."
  • saute Put into a frying-pan some slices of salt pork; when tried out, lay in neatly trimmed and seasoned lamb or veal chops; let them saute until half cooked; remove the chops, and to the pan add a tablespoonful of onion chopped fine; when the onion is cooked add a cupful of stock and a cupful of mixture containing minced veal or chicken, a little ham, and mushrooms, chopped parsley, and truffles if convenient; salt and pepper to taste.
  • set Philip thanked her, and soon after set out on his way.
  • sit Let's sit down a minute.
  • sod A sod covers his gentle form, and he knows no pain.
  • soot Late at night his father and brothers returned, all begrimed with soot and ashes.
  • sooth And to speak sooth, fate had certainly given to him quite as much as he had deserved.
  • sooty She perched at the foot of the stairs and watched the two men, overalled, sooty, tobacco-wreathed, and happy.
  • sort You're nothing of the sort!
  • sot Well, the next day we sot out for Paris, via Marseilles.
  • sou A journeyman mason sat at one of the tables, eating with evident enjoyment a piece of cheese, washed down with a mug of wine; the tempting invitations of his comrades were powerless to induce him to spend another sou, for he was determined to save money and not remain a mere journeyman all his days.
  • sough We stood in the close, the three of us (the bairn clinging in wonder to the girl's gown), with never a word for a space, and that sough of the sea was almost a coronach.
  • sought At that Merlin vanished suddenly away; but afterwards he met them in disguise towards night, and told them he could lead them to King Ryence, whom they sought.
  • sour I would bet a hundred, if I could afford it, that the landlady tried to poison you with her sour French wine.
  • south This done, he began to feel about for Bernadotte, and came into touch with him south of Dessau.
  • stoup No more he gives on the staircase The stoup to the thirsty squires, And a hurried thanks for the hurried gift Receives, nor more requires.
  • stout They pass each other without delay, and come back at the top of their horses: speed to renew their blows on the strong, stout shields.
  • stow My grandmother was happy with her friends, and where the rest of the world happened to stow themselves I did not care.
  • stub There was a heavy, stub-nosed gun suddenly in his hand.
  • stud The conversation was about neo-marxists, and he would suddenly ask: Have you ever been to a stud-farm?
  • stun "No. Apparently he tried to jump Vaneski and got hit with a stun beam.
  • sty The Chinese Pig Old Madam Grumph, the pig, had got A pig-sty of her own; She is a most un-com-mon pig, And likes to live alone.
  • Stu Stu. I have resolved like You; and since our motives are so honest, why should we fear success?
  • ST Do I know St. Paul's?
  • SST SSC: Coastal Submarine, over 150 tons SSG: Guided Missile Submarine SSGN: Guided Missile Submarine, Nuclear-powered SSI: Attack Submarine (Diesel Air-Independent Propulsion) SSK: Hunter-Killer/ASW Submarine (retired) SSM: Midget Submarine, under 150 tons SSN: Attack Submarine, Nuclear-powered SSNR: Special Attack Submarine [note 1] SSO: Submarine Oiler (retired) SSP: Attack Submarine (Diesel Air-Independent Power) (alternate use), formerly Submarine Transport SSQ: Auxiliary Submarine, Communications (retired) SSQN: Auxiliary Submarine, Communications, Nuclear-powered (retired) SSR: Radar Picket Submarine (retired) SSRN: Radar Picket Submarine, Nuclear-powered (retired) SST: Training Submarine IXSS: Unclassified Miscellaneous Submarine MTS: Moored Training Ship (Naval Nuclear Power School Training Platform; Reconditioned SSBNs) Patrol combatant type Patrol combatants are ships whose mission may extend beyond coastal duties and whose characteristics include adequate endurance and sea keeping, providing a capability for operations exceeding 48 hours on the high seas without support.
  • STA The last of the pillars to be removed from hence is that which supports the statue of Justice in the Piazza Sta.
  • STE Anne, 101; builds first sanctuary of Ste.
  • SORTA It occurs to me that maybe he's been working too hard or that arguments with Marge have sorta unsettled him.
  • SOTS And indeed such only are endangered thereby, for the charms of that art ordinarily affect not those that are downright sots and naturally incapable of learning.
  • suckerpunches
  • suckerpunching

38 words made from the letters sotuh

4 letter words made from sotuh:

shou, shot, host, tuho, huot, suto, tuoh, otus, stuh, shut, tosh, tous, shuo, tush, oshu, huts, thou, tohu, oust, oths, thus, tsou, stoh, hout.

3 letter words made from sotuh:

tho, soh, hot, sot, out, sth, hus, tsh, hut, sou.

5 letter words made from sotuh:

south, shout, houts, shuto.

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