Correct spelling for SOUDNED

We think the word soudned is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for soudned

  • Studded
  • I turned the key in the great lock, and the iron-studded oak opened and let us into the solemn gloom.

  • Sound
  • Then a new sound.

  • Sodden
  • Penny found the sodden garment lying almost at her feet.

  • Sunder
  • Spake birdalone: had i dared, i would have bidden thee to swear to me even such an oath, to wit, that thou wouldst never wholly sunder thee from me.

  • Sodded
  • The ground is sodded over and the grove is used for grazing sheep.

  • Spurned
  • There was a time when clara might have spurned even this kind offer, setting it down as "trying to get in" with her, but her pride and vanity had received a blow when the neighborhood club was broken up and she cast forth, and she took the offer in the spirit in which it was meant.

  • Sunned
  • Take a pottle of aqua composita, and put it into a glass, then a good handful of rosa solis clean picked, but not washed, put it to the aqua composita, then take a pound of dates stoned and beaten small, half a peniworth of long pepper, as much of grains, and of round pepper, bruise them small, take also a pound of loaf-sugar well beaten, a quarter of a pound of powder of pearl, and six leaves of book gold; put all to the rest, and stir them well together in the glass, then cover it very close, and let it stand in the sun fourteen days, ever taking it in at night; then strain it, and put it into a close bottle; you must not put in the pearl, gold or sugar till it hath been sunned and strained, neither must you touch the leaves of the rosa solis with your hands when you pick it; keep it very close.

  • Tuned
  • In came a fiddler with a music-book, and went up to the lofty desk, and made an orchestra of it, and tuned like fifty stomach-aches.

  • Stunned
  • He looked positively stunned.

  • Saddened
  • This quantity of carriages with coats of arms saddened me.

  • Sounded
  • Now that sounded more like ...

  • Student
  • She became a student of the "home life of the wild things."

  • Toned
  • Then one morning as i came along the deck to take my place at the breakfast table almayer checked himself in his low-toned discourse.

  • Stoned
  • After the lathe-tool comes a well oil-stoned hand-scraper, with a piece of leather between it and the tool rest to prevent the scraper from chattering.

  • Sanded
  • Still monny held the lantern, and at the threshold of a dimly seen room beyond, we all drew back: for on the sanded floor were footprints.

  • Studied
  • Each man has to be studied and understood, and the particular course taken which seems best in his particular case.

  • Sided
  • The christians chiefly sided with hideyori and his adherents.

  • Sounder
  • The place where her sister was she was now familiar with, and no one could judge of their position better or give sounder counsel than prudent selene.

  • Stunted
  • Josiah said he felt fairly stunted to see such manners; and he went to apologisin' about how awful bad it was for him to get his whiskers singed so, and how it wus a pure axident his lettin' the pitcher slip out of his hand, and he wouldn't have done it for nothin' if he could have helped it, and he wus afraid it had hurt him more than he thought for.

  • Zoned
  • The other actors were, of course, fully prepared to take their several parts, and a number of girls were invested in the "academic silks, in hue the lilac, with a silken hood to each, and zoned with gold."

  • Stained
  • It stained my dress too.

117 words made from the letters soudned

3 letter words made from soudned:

sue, oed, den, eos, son, nod, ded, duo, dds, ode, des, eon, sen, nsu, edo, edd, dun, dud, end, one, sun, neo, sod, use, sou, uns, odd, dod, dos, doe, don, due.

4 letter words made from soudned:

eons, doun, suen, neus, dune, done, duen, endo, send, undo, dued, ndou, eddo, dedo, duds, ouen, nods, eous, onus, odds, duos, suon, oseu, node, dude, sonu, sude, doud, ueno, sone, nudd, oude, udon, nous, usen, ends, edun, uden, eudo, udos, used, dose, nude, duse, nose, donu, oned, osen, osun.

5 letter words made from soudned:

duned, donde, nodus, dusen, dunes, sound, doesn, douds, neddo, doune, seond, dones, sendo, seoud, eunos, ondes, udons, nosed, unedo, dosed, dedos, nudes, dudes, dundo, duden, sunde, nouse, ouden, duson, unode, denso, noded, unsod, odden, douen, douse.