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How to spell SOULDED correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "soulded", it's likely a typo of "soldered", which refers to joining metal pieces together using heated solder. Other similar alternatives include "sounded" or "shouldered", depending on the intended meaning. Double-check the context to identify the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell soulded correctly

  • folded
  • molded
  • Moulded The pottery was beautifully moulded by the skilled craftsman.
  • Moulted The bird had moulted its feathers, leaving a layer of down covering the ground beneath its perch.
  • Scalded I scalded my tongue when I drank the hot tea too quickly.
  • Scolded The teacher scolded the student for not turning in their homework.
  • Scudded The rain scudded across the pavement as the wind howled through the city streets.
  • sodded The football field was recently sodded with fresh grass.
  • soiled The white shirt was soiled with dirt and sweat stains after a day of gardening.
  • solder I need to solder this wire to the PCB.
  • soled The shoes were soled with an extra layer of rubber for durability.
  • soloed He soloed the half marathon without any assistance.
  • solved The detective solved the mystery in a matter of hours.
  • sounded The alarm sounded loudly, jolting me awake from my sleep.
  • studded My dress is adorned with small, studded circles.
  • sulked After he lost the race, he sulked in the locker room for hours.

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