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How to spell SOURT correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "sourt" instead of "sort", don't worry; we all make mistakes! The correct spelling is "sort", and it refers to organizing, categorizing or arranging things in a specific order. Double-check your spelling next time or use tools like autocorrect to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell sourt correctly

  • court
  • dour The old man had a dour expression on his face as he walked past the cheerful street performers.
  • oust The board voted to oust the CEO after the company experienced financial losses.
  • out
  • scour
  • scout The scout was sent ahead to survey the terrain and report back to the group.
  • seurat " Seurat was a prominent post-impressionist painter known for his technique of pointillism.
  • short I'll be back soon, I'm just short on time.
  • shout
  • smut
  • snort The pig gave a loud snort when it smelled the food.
  • snout I have a very long snout.
  • soar The eagle spread its wings and began to soar higher and higher into the sky.
  • soft The soft fabric of the curtains brushed his skin.
  • soot My hands were covered in soot after cleaning the fireplace.
  • sort I think I'll sort my laundry before I start packing.
  • SORTA I'm sorta tired, but I can stay up for a little while longer.
  • sorts I need to buy all sorts of different ingredients for this recipe.
  • sot I don't want to be a sot and drink too much alcohol tonight.
  • sou In Brazil, "sou" is a common expression that translates to "I am".
  • sought The lost hiker sought help from the park rangers.
  • sour She made a face at the sour taste of the lemonade.
  • soured My relationship with him soured after he betrayed my trust.
  • Sours The milk left in the fridge for too long sours and smells bad.
  • south I am going to travel south for my vacation this year.
  • sport
  • spout I was about to pour some water out of the spout when the faucet shut off.
  • spurt After drinking water, my cat ran around the house in a short spurt of energy.
  • squirt She asked for an extra squirt of ketchup on her burger.
  • stout I had a stout breakfast this morning.
  • stuart Stuart is planning to attend the music festival next month.
  • suet I placed a piece of suet on the fire to cook my eggs.
  • suit The lawyer wore a suit to court.
  • SUPT
  • tour I'm thinking of taking a tour of the city.
  • tours We offer tours of our museum every day.

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