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How to spell SOURTING correctly?

If you're trying to rectify the misspelling "sourting", there are a couple of possible correct suggestions. One option might be "sorting", which refers to arranging things in a specific order. Another alternative could be "souring", which typically means to make something bitter or unpleasant.

List of suggestions on how to spell sourting correctly

  • courting He was courting her for weeks before she finally agreed to go on a date.
  • hurting My knee is hurting after I fell off my bike.
  • jousting Medieval knights would often engage in jousting tournaments to prove their skill and earn fame and fortune.
  • ousting The ousting of the CEO has caused turmoil within the company.
  • outing Our family went on a fun outing to the zoo last weekend.
  • Porting I am porting my computer over to my new location.
  • Pouting
  • rousting The police were rousting the homeless sleeping under the bridge.
  • Routing A routing table is used to funnel packets to the correct network device.
  • scouting I was out scouting for elk this morning.
  • shorting The investor was accused of shorting stocks in the technology sector.
  • shouting The crowd was shouting and cheering.
  • skirting She was skirting around the issue, never quite addressing it head-on.
  • smarting After falling off his bike, his scraped knee was still smarting a few hours later.
  • snorting He was caught snorting cocaine in his bathroom.
  • soaring The soaring eagle soared overhead.
  • sorting The sorting hats are placed on the head of the students to determine who will be sorted into the Gryffindor house and
  • sounding The teacher noticed that the student's pronunciation was off when sounding out the word.
  • Sourcing As part of my job, I am responsible for sourcing new suppliers for our company.
  • souring The price reduction strategy seems to have a souring effect on the company's revenue.
  • sousing She decided to marinate the fish by sousing it in vinegar and spices.
  • sporting I always enjoy going to the local sporting events with my family.
  • spouting Spouting off information without ever checking it is a habit I hope to change.
  • spurting The juice was spurting out of the orange as I tried to peel it.
  • squirting
  • starting
  • suiting The black dress is suiting for the funeral.
  • surfing I love surfing in the summer when the waves are big and the water is warm.
  • surging The surging water swept away everything in its path during the flood.
  • Touting The company has been touting their new product in advertisements and social media.

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