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How to spell SOUTE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "soute" instead of the correct word, here are a few plausible suggestions. Perhaps you meant "suite", referring to a set of connected rooms or "route", indicating a specific path or road. Another possibility is "scout", alluding to someone engaged in exploring or observing.

List of suggestions on how to spell soute correctly

  • douse I had to douse the fire with water to prevent it from spreading.
  • out
  • outer The outer layer of the cake was covered in fondant.
  • route I prefer taking the scenic route when driving to the beach.
  • salute As a gesture of respect, the soldiers raised their hands to salute their commanding officer.
  • sate After eating the giant cheeseburger, he finally felt sate.
  • saute
  • scout The scout spotted a fox darting across the field.
  • scouter
  • shout He had to shout to be heard over the loud music.
  • shouter The shouter was so loud, she was yelling inside her own head.
  • site The site of the accident was cordoned off for investigation.
  • Smote I smote him with my mallet.
  • smut I don't read books with explicit smut scenes.
  • snout I have a long snout.
  • soft She was a soft touch, he thought.
  • softer Please be a bit softer when you pick up the ball.
  • solute
  • soot In the morning light, the soot covered the building in black.
  • sooty She looked sooty and filthy.
  • sort Can you sort these files for me alphabetically?
  • SORTA She tried to help him, but he pushed her away and said "SORTa go!
  • sorted Her sorted egg cartons are on the kitchen counter.
  • sorter The sorter is sorting the toys.
  • sortie The fighter plane made a sortie into enemy territory.
  • sot He was a complete sot who spent most of his days drinking at the local pub.
  • SOTS I'm not sure what SOTS means, but it looks pretty nerdy.
  • sou You're welcome, sou.
  • sour The lemon was so sour that it made my mouth pucker.
  • soured The relationship between Sarah and her best friend soured after a big argument.
  • souse My grandmother used to souse pickles in vinegar in large glass jars.
  • soused This guy is such a soused drunk.
  • south I lived in the south for a few years before moving to the north.
  • southey John Southey wrote the poems "The Corsair" and "The Life of Nelson".
  • spout The whale's blowhole is like a spout, expelling water into the air.
  • STE
  • stout
  • stouter He is a much stouter man than she is.
  • sue I went to Sue's house to borrow a cup of sugar.
  • suite I have a suite reserved for tonight's event.
  • ute I rode my ute to the store.

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