How to spell SOVIT correctly?

We think the word sovit is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell sovit correctly

  • civet Yes; an animal of Arabian origin produces an odoriferous substance called Civet, from which it takes its name of Civet Cat; there are several species of this animal which produce it, but it is from the Civet Cat that it is most commonly taken.
  • covet The prominence of the family, the baldness of its skeleton, and the gleeful eagerness with which it danced into full view left but little for meddlers to covet.
  • davit
  • fit
  • foist
  • ovid I found an ovid on the sidewalk.
  • sat
  • saved I was saved from a potentially deadly fall by my emergency preparedness kit.
  • scot I know a Scot who can fix anything.
  • set
  • sift As the flour sifted through the fingers, it revealed the hidden nuts.
  • silt The river flows through a thick layer of silt.
  • sit
  • site The site is accommodating to all preferences.
  • siva
  • skit Haven't seen one of these in years, thought I'd dust off the ol' skit writing tool.
  • slit She slithered out of the slit in the fence.
  • slot The slot in the door that I used to lock was broken.
  • snit After finding out that her cake was taken, she threw a fit and spat on the floor.
  • soave
  • sod He threw the empty bottle onto the ground and balled his fists to his temples, screaming until his throat was raw.
  • sofia I can't believe Sofia auditioned for the play.
  • soft
  • softy
  • solid
  • soot The fire caused soot to fill the air.
  • sooty
  • sophist His sophistry only obfuscated the truth.
  • sort
  • sortie We're going on a sortie tonight.
  • sot
  • soviet
  • soviets In 1922 the Bolsheviks proclaimed the Soviet Union.
  • spot
  • stove She needed to get a stove because she didn't have a stove in her old apartment.
  • suavity Susanne had a subtlety about her that made her all the more enticing.
  • suit
  • suite My aunt has a lovely suite in her retirement home.
  • swift She was swift to anger.
  • swot I need to do a SWOT analysis for my new business.
  • xvi
  • Cit 1ST CIT. This gallant resolve of the duke, pursued with such alacrity, can never be sufficiently admired; and to engage his person, too, in so perilous adventure!
  • Sid If you see Sid, tell him I need his help with this project.
  • Stevie The bird is named Stevie.
  • ST The store is shutting down for the night.
  • SDI
  • SST The study found that students who received the SST showed lower stress levels.
  • SORTA The goddesses overseeing the four cardinal points are called the Four Corners of the World.
  • ZIT
  • GOVT
  • spit When I got mad at her, I spit in her face.
  • snot I can't believe she would even talk to him after he humiliated us in front of the whole school - he must have spew

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