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How to spell SOWLY correctly?

"Sowly" is likely intended as "slowly". Other potential correct suggestions could include "solely" or "somehow", depending on the intended meaning in context. It is important to proofread and double-check spelling to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell sowly correctly

  • jowly Marjorie was a jowly woman.
  • lowly He regarded himself as a modest man, but he knew he was a lowly servant of the Lord.
  • owl The owl swooped down and caught the mouse in its talons.
  • sally Sally answered the door with a huge smile on her face.
  • sawfly The sawfly larvae feed on the leaves of the plant.
  • scowl
  • silly I didn't mean to be so silly, but I blushed all the way to my toes.
  • slowly She slowly walked to the door.
  • sly The sly fox quietly snuck up on the unsuspecting rabbit.
  • snowy I love to take a walk in the snowy woods.
  • soil The soil is the foundation of the plant.
  • sol
  • sold The house was sold for a high price.
  • sole
  • solely
  • solo I played solo today.
  • SOLS I need to find some sun cream for my sols.
  • sorely After the fall, the hiker was sorely in need of medical attention.
  • soul I think I need some air to clear my head and soul.
  • sourly
  • sow I plan to sow the seeds today.
  • soy
  • sully I tried to clean the muddy mess with sully but it just got worse.
  • surly Luke was surly and unapproachable.

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