What is the correct spelling for SPAINARD?

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Correct spelling for SPAINARD

We think the word spainard is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spainard

  • pained But usually her eyes were weak, and she wore the green shade, which gave her face a peculiar pallor, making her look old, and giving her a pained, invalid expression.
  • poniard You have a poniard?
  • spain "That wasn't what beat me," exclaimed de Spain curtly.
  • spaniard This statement, generally true, is historically especially true of the Spaniard, attacked in his own land.
  • spanner They agreed that the human interest was the great thing on a landscape, after all; but they ignored the peasants in the fields and meadows, who were no more to them than the driver on the box, or the people in the two-spanner behind.
  • spavined Also he takes a hand when it comes to testin' me to see whether I'm club-footed or spavined.
  • spend And he does not like to spend money unless he must."
  • spinach If he spun into the High Spinach off at the Right it was Tough Luck.
  • spinal They commence generally at the lower part of the spinal cord, but immediately afterwards, if not simultaneously, are ushered in with great rapidity from other centres, masking each other and rendering it extremely difficult to observe and analyse them separately.
  • spinet There is not a piano in this room,-but Cicely will play the accompaniment on the old spinet-it's quite in tune.
  • spurned At first Henry spurned the proposition, and when he saw that Margaret thought well of it he reproached her with a want of feeling, saying she did not love him as she had once done.
  • stained It lies before me now, a yellow, time-stained sheet, and somehow it brings back to me the long-dead days of happiness which came before my wonderful adventure.
  • Spawned Earth was not the battle-ground, but it had spawned the conflict.
  • Spanked When they came back nobody spanked anybody any more; and ever since that day, O Best Beloved, all the Elephants you will ever see, besides all those that you won't, have trunks precisely like the trunk of the 'satiable Elephant's Child.
  • Spanned Five minutes later, a forlorn group filled with fears, we had stolen over the dead and dying in the passage, and made our way to the side gate of the palace that we found open, and over the bridge that spanned the moat beyond, which was down.
  • Sprained It was that week that Jerry sprained his ankle jumping off the porch-roof and had to sit in the big wicker chair with his foot on a pillow for days.
  • spooned Chocolate syrup is sold in a variety of consistencies, ranging from a thin liquid that can be drizzled from a bottle to a thick sauce that needs to be spooned onto the dessert item.
  • Spaniards The name of Yucatan was given to it by the Spaniards.

379 words made from the letters spainard

3 letter words made from spainard:

dip, ain, rid, ida, apr, aas, ans, dia, psi, sip, ani, iaa, asp, aar, ana, psa, ira, dis, par, pad, ara, rip, pia, idp, air, rap, ras, aid, sin, rad, nap, pin, sad, nad, spa, din, das, rna, dna, sap, sir, adp, nip, arp, irs, ada, pan, pas, pid.

6 letter words made from spainard:

nairas, asrani, sarnia, pindar, pasdar, padina, darpan, dianas, dairan, adapis, dinars, spinar, padian, pradan, padarn, narsai, saidan, aspira, dasani, ranids, nasard, drinas, arians, naiads, apidra, drasin, nasrid, pinard, randia, radian, andira, spraid, sandip, spania, adrian, sardin, parias, arpads, parnas, saipan, pasand, radsan, pisana, ainars, sandri, sprain, paandi, rasina, pranas, sarani, ansari, aspdin, pandia, asprin, drains, sandai, ansaid, painda, spiran, rapida, sapari, darpin, adapin, arisan, sindar, dispar, nasira, parsia, dasari, paisan, sparda, nadirs, pandar, pirana, ardais, dasain, radina, sapina, pandas, sparid, panair, raidas, nadars, pradas.

5 letter words made from spainard:

ispra, rasin, dains, saina, apria, danas, raias, pards, nsaid, pians, ipana, apian, raids, dinar, radia, pinar, asira, rands, napas, asari, daras, diran, sapid, panis, dinas, ardan, nadas, andar, ansip, pardi, sarin, rinds, darns, psara, idara, radin, apari, piana, sadar, sapan, narai, pandi, dnsap, nisar, naias, pands, sapna, arain, sarda, prasa, padas, nisra, iraan, pasin, naiad, pisan, arsia, piran, pirns, sarid, andrs, ardas, radis, airan, pinas, riaan, sanad, inara, naasp, sadan, radna, parsa, darna, nasri, paria, rinas, isarn, draps, asian, airns, riada, sadri, pisar, pains, parad, panir, rasid, sapir, sapin, parai, indra, nidaa, pairs, sadir, paris, nadir, nidra, arida, drais, dasia, nirad, panda, risan, praia, adasi, rasna, ansar, isnad, arani, ranid, arsan, naira, anari, piasa, drain, aradi, panai, irans, arias, parni, andia, airds, irada, ranas, padan, sarna, paani, rapid, ainda, pirna, diara, parda, pasni, ansai, prads, diana, asadi, pinda, parsi, arpin, prana, adisa, prand, sania, saida, saran, isaan, nidar, paras, saari, sanai, paisa, nadai, asida, ranis, arasi, pasir, naris, asiad.

7 letter words made from spainard:

anapsid, sardina, andrias, sipadan, pandari, piranas, parians, sarandi, spadina, spinrad, radians, anaspid, pandars, rapidan, paradis.

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