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How to spell SPALING correctly?

The correct spelling for "spaling" could be "spelling", which means the act of writing or naming the letters of a word correctly or "spealing", which refers to the process of smoothing or shaping rough stone into blocks or slabs.

List of suggestions on how to spell spaling correctly

  • paling The paling fences were worn and in need of repair.
  • Palling I saw Sarah palling around with her old friends from college at the bar last night.
  • pauling Henry Kissinger was interviewed by Pauling.
  • pealing The bells were ringing like a beautiful melody, pealing in the cold air.
  • piling The construction workers were busy piling bricks to make a wall.
  • Poling
  • Puling
  • sailing I've always dreamed of sailing around the world.
  • saline After treating the wound with saline, the doctor ordered the patient to go to bed and not to get up until the wound was
  • sapling The sapling was fragile, but it persevered.
  • scaling She is concerned about the negative scaling effects of excessive growth.
  • sealing He spent the afternoon sealing up the windows and doors to keep out the cold winter air.
  • selling I am selling my old textbooks to make some extra money.
  • sling I injured my arm and need to wear a sling to support it.
  • snailing Due to the traffic, the car was snailing along the road.
  • Snarling The dog was snarling and showing its teeth at the stranger.
  • Soaping I need to start soaping the dishes before the food hardens on them.
  • soiling The child was scolded for soiling the white carpet with his muddy boots.
  • Soling He had been playing tennis all day and his Soling shoes were uncomfortable.
  • spacing Spacing is important in text because it increases the readability of a document.
  • Spading I plan on spading the garden next week so we can prepare it for planting.
  • spain Spain is known for its delicious paella, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture.
  • spamming Spamming is an unethical method of advertising that inundates inboxes with unwanted messages.
  • Spanning The book tells the story of a family spanning over three generations.
  • sparing I was sparing on my food intake this morning.
  • sparking The fireworks display was truly stunning, with bright lights and loud bangs sparking excitement in the crowd.
  • sparkling The champagne was sparkling and effervescent as it poured into the glasses.
  • sparring
  • Spatting I couldn't concentrate on my work because my coworkers were spatting about their political views.
  • spavin I have a horse with spavin and I need to get it treated
  • Spawning The salmon were seen spawning in the shallow stream.
  • spaying Spaying female dogs and cats is an effective way to prevent unwanted litters and health issues.
  • speaking Rex is speaking.
  • Spearing The fisherman caught a salmon by spearing it with his harpoon.
  • spelling The spelling of the word is confusing.
  • spieling I caught my friend spieling about his new job promotion with excitement in his eyes.
  • spilling He was so nervous that he kept spilling his drink all over himself.
  • spiraling
  • spline The model's hair was pulled back into a tight bun spline.
  • splint The doctor applied a splint to the patient's broken arm to immobilize it.
  • spoiling She feared spoiling her dinner with too many snacks.
  • Spooling She was spooling the roll of film from the camera.
  • sprawling The city's skyline was dominated by a sprawling network of skyscrapers.
  • spring Mother Nature is preparing for Spring, with warm weather and blooms starting to appear.
  • spying The neighbors accused him of spying on them through his window.
  • stalin Stalin was a controversial leader of the Soviet Union during the 20th century.
  • Staling I think he's stealing my staling.
  • stalling The car was stalling and wouldn't start no matter how many times I turned the ignition.
  • stapling I am stapling these papers together to ensure they don't get lost.
  • starling The starling flew into the building.
  • stealing Stealing is a crime that can result in serious consequences.

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