Correct spelling for SPEARTE

We think the word spearte is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spearte

  • part My part in life is to see you happy.
  • paste My swordbearer got the paste, and now may the writing stick there as an honorable memento till the end of the world.
  • pate "Just walk about near the wine shop, Burton, and try to find out by every clue your not unintelligent old pate can invent, where Miss Sharp lives, and what is happening?
  • peat Do you forget why I left Peterborough Abbey, when Winter and I turned all your priest's books upside down in the choir, and they would have flogged us,-me, the Earl's son,-me, the Viking's son,-me, the champion, as I will be yet, and make all lands ring with the fame of my deeds, as they rung with the fame of my forefathers, before they became the slaves of monks; and how when Winter and I got hold of the kitchen spits, and up to the top of the peat-stack, and held you all at bay there, a whole abbeyful of cowards there, against two seven years' children?
  • pert It did look kind of curi's; it wa'n't bigger than a front entry, and it set up so pert right there on the heater-piece, as if he was calc'latin' to farm it.
  • sate O, where are the princes and nobles that sate At the feast in thy halls, and drank the red wine?
  • seaport They declined any action or engagement with him; and he, holding out his hand and calling aloud both to the superior and under officers by name, brought over the foot from Antigonus, who, flying away secretly, was only able to retain some of the seaport towns.
  • seat Please take me to a seat.
  • separate She is very pretty and exceedingly intelligent, she has good spirits, talents, an excellent manner, and she speaks exceedingly well: that is enough to charm you, and I expect you will find it difficult to separate from her.
  • serrate
  • spade
  • spar
  • spare
  • sparse
  • sparta
  • spat
  • spate
  • spatter
  • spear
  • spite
  • sport
  • sporty
  • sprat
  • sprite
  • spurt
  • Spared
  • Speared
  • Pete
  • Spears
  • spates
  • cock-a-doodle-dooing
  • de-capitations

209 words made from the letters spearte

5 letter words made from spearte:

peaer, raese, seaer, paser, sater, spree, spate, reast, teers, praet, strep, pesra, retes, saper, peres, repas, seret, patre, pesta, paese, serpe, reste, ratee, steep, esera, erase, speer, strae, sepat, reest, stape, pesar, parse, eater, apter, aster, ptere, seert, preas, seper, prese, peers, reset, prate, rates, strap, reate, arete, peret, steer, seeta, easer, petes, parts, rapee, teare, peare, spear, peras, satre, teera, erste, peter, trese, saree, serpa, aerts, sprat, stare, paste, preta, pates, teres, asper, tepas, seare, teras, peets, reaps, speat, ester, repse, teper, astre, paret, spaer, pater, tears, tease, tepes, peate, pares, perea, esper, apest, paree, terse, raste, prete, perst, tares, taper, spare.

3 letter words made from spearte:

see, art, ert, rap, pet, est, era, apr, ese, epa, tap, atp, pas, sep, ate, per, asp, res, pea, par, apt, stp, pes, rep, tar, ape, rat, set, ret, pee, esr, tee, eat, tea, ear, sap, spa, pre, arp, are, sea, pat, pst, ter, sat, eta, ras, psa.

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