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How to spell SPEIES correctly?

If you meant "species" but mistakenly typed "speies", fear not! Auto-correct might have let you down, but here's the correct suggestion. "Species" refers to a distinct type of organism. Be mindful while typing, and if you're unsure, always double-check to ensure the accuracy of your spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell speies correctly

  • Espies The secret agent espies the enemy's movements from behind the bushes.
  • PEES
  • PIES I love apple pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
  • sees
  • seines He caught a large fish with his seines.
  • seizes The driver seizes the opportunity to take the shortcut.
  • series
  • Spears In addition to spears, the hunters also carried bows and arrows.
  • specie The endangered specie was carefully transported to a protected habitat.
  • species
  • specs He brought his specs to the optometrist to get his new prescription filled.
  • speeds The new train technology allows for unprecedented speeds across the country.
  • speer
  • spewers It was really gross to see the spewers, after things started coming out of the sewer pipe.
  • spews
  • Spices I love using a variety of spices in my cooking to enhance the flavors of my dishes.
  • spiels The salesman had a well-rehearsed spiels that he used on unsuspecting customers.
  • Spies As a means of intelligence gathering, spies are often secret agents who use subterfuge and espionage to obtain information or to sabotage
  • spikes I found two metal spikes sticking out of the ground.
  • spines Porcupines have sharp spines on their backs as a defense mechanism.
  • spins
  • spites She spites her ex-boyfriend by posting pictures with her new partner to make him jealous.
  • spits The llama spits when it feels threatened or angry.
  • sprees I have been on a few sprees lately.

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