Correct spelling for SPEVIAL

We think the word spevial is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spevial

  • sepal Produced, extended or projecting; the upper sepal of a Larkspur is produced above into a spur, 87.
  • seville Salamanca perfected the ode, Seville the epistle, Aragon the satire.
  • spacial It is a question of temporal and spacial phenomena.
  • spaniel The old woman, having succeeded in disentangling her spaniel from our friend's legs, concluded to take Abdallah in her arms, then went away, glaring fiercely at all those in her neighborhood.
  • spatial In the first place, the essential thing about space is spatial order, and mere points, by themselves, will not account for spatial order.
  • spavin Horses three or four years of age if given work that favors hock strain, such as excavating cellars, may develop a spavin.
  • special 10 309. Have you a special book for these accounts?
  • specially Be specially charmed with pearls, my dear young lady.
  • spell But he did not know it was her glamour that made him utterly forget outside things, in the unbelievable loveliness of Grass Jungle days; did not know it was just as much her spell that made him forget his own birthright, in the paralysis of perfect fear.
  • spiel "Your spiel listens like the real thing, Mr. Rowley," says I; "only we can't jump at these things offhand.
  • spill Jesu, at thy will, I pray that I may be, All my heart fulfil with perfect love to thee: That I have done ill, Jesu forgive thou me: And suffer me never to spill, Jesu for thy pity.
  • spinal An' ez for me, I didn't seem to have no mo' backbone down my spinal colume 'n a feather bolster has, I was that weak.
  • spiral In rising up to sing she often traces a sweeping spiral in the air at first, going round once or twice; after which, seeming to settle on the line she means to ascend, she goes up almost perpendicularly in a series of leaps, as it were-pausing a moment to gather impetus, and then shooting upwards till a mere speck in the sky.
  • spoil "We can spoil his surprise by telling Unc' Billy Possum all about it beforehand," said he.
  • spousal This knoweth he, Who placed upon my hand the spousal ring.
  • supernal A touch of mysticism added by an unfinished statue in the gloom of the shadowy vault, suggests the unknown beauty of the soul which attains Nirvana's supremest height, for the supernal exaltation of purified humanity to Divine union may not be interpreted or expressed by mortal hands, but must for ever remain incommunicable and incomprehensible.
  • survival If I am right in supposing that the cases at Cesena are a survival of what was once in general use, we should expect to find another example of them in the Vatican; and that such was the case, is proved by the evidence of a fresco in the Ospedale di Santo Spirito at Rome, representing the interior of the library.

230 words made from the letters spevial

4 letter words made from spevial:

lisp, ieva, laie, plai, veal, vlie, plea, vape, viel, ives, apse, pave, peil, vase, leap, lavi, vise, seal, save, peal, plei, alvi, aevi, levi, pisa, vies, siel, pale, salp, veps, vial, vale, slap, live, peli, pail, alep, spiv, sial, vila, sail, slav, viae, apis, veli, lies, isle, siva, laev, ivel, lape, evli, alps, vils, veil, lave, vile, seli, slip, liev, esla, vlei, vela, elia, lapi, pile, leiv, piel, ilva, elvi, sale, visa, aves, vali, siev, evil, pals.

3 letter words made from spevial:

lav, als, ivp, ail, ape, ies, lei, vie, ale, lip, sep, ipv, ali, epa, liv, psa, sap, pie, asl, iva, sle, asp, alp, vas, pes, lie, lev, sea, pia, lap, pea, epi, spa, lea, sip, pei, vip, pas, pva, evl, pal, lvi, pel, psi.

5 letter words made from spevial:

pavie, piles, sliva, selvi, sailv, saive, levis, ailes, elvas, psila, veals, liepa, plavi, pliva, salei, salve, spail, vasep, asvel, slavi, savel, evils, pails, lapsi, salvi, laves, sepia, alesi, speil, pavis, livas, eliav, slipe, vlies, ilave, pilea, alpes, sapei, pelas, vespa, aliev, alive, spile, veils, salpe, peals, vales, sepal, lapse, selva, ilves, slave, velas, pleas, spiel, vlaie, vilas, spela, alevi, silva, vleis, aspie, spali, piave, viale, siple, aspel, lipes, alves, lepas, avels, vasil, viles, leaps, salie, pales, aisle, plesa, silpa, lavis, vials, valis, vails, plies, paesi, valse, isaev, piela, elpis, leiva, speal.

6 letter words made from spevial:

alives, alevis, evipal, alivep, pelvis, laevis, espial, leavis, levisa, vesali, pelias, lipase, pavesi, valise, laipse, spavie, pileas, pavise.

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