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How to spell SPILTER correctly?

The correct spelling for "spilter" could possibly be "splitter", which refers to something that splits or separates. Other correct suggestions could include "spelter", which is a type of zinc alloy or "speltering", which means to coat with spelter. Context clues would be helpful in determining the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell spilter correctly

  • salter The salter added too much salt to the soup.
  • Slitter The operator carefully adjusted the slitter to produce perfectly cut strips of metal.
  • smelter The smelter emitted a foul odor.
  • spatter The pitcher threw a spatter of pepper across the table.
  • specter The specter of war loomed over the country as tensions continued to rise.
  • speller The speller won the school spelling bee contest.
  • spider
  • Spilled
  • spite She ignored him in spite of his attempts to get her attention.
  • Spited She spited her ex-husband by taking all of his belongings and donating them to charity.
  • Spitted
  • splinter I think I have a splinter in my finger.
  • spoiler
  • spotter
  • sputter I can't seem to get the paint off my sputter.
  • swelter

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