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How to spell SPILTS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "spilts" instead of "splits", don't worry! Here are some correct suggestions: "splits", "spills", "spells", "spoils" or "spites". Spellcheck can be a helpful tool in catching misspellings like this, ensuring your writing is mistake-free and accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell spilts correctly

  • pelts The trapper proudly displayed his collection of animal pelts.
  • pilots The pilots safely landed the plane during the thunderstorm.
  • salts I add salts to my bathwater to help relieve muscle soreness.
  • SILTS The river banks were covered in fine silts, left behind by the receding waters.
  • slits She peered through the slits in the blinds to see who was outside.
  • spats He wore spats as part of his vintage attire to the Jazz Age Lawn Party.
  • spiels The salesman's spiels were so convincing that I ended up buying more products than I had intended.
  • spills The janitor had to clean up the spills on the floor.
  • spites He always tries to spread spites about his colleagues to make himself look better.
  • spits The llama spits whenever it feels threatened or annoyed.
  • spitz The Spitz breed of dog has a thick, fluffy coat that requires regular grooming.
  • splats The paint splats on the wall were a colorful mess.
  • Splints The doctor applied splints to the broken leg to keep it stable.
  • splits She splits the firewood into small pieces for the fireplace.
  • spoils The army sacked the village and took all the spoils.
  • spots I have a few spots on my shirt that won't come out in the wash.
  • stilts She walked on stilts to reach the high platform.

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