How to spell SPLATER correctly?

If you're misspelling "splater", fear not as there are correct alternatives to consider. "Splatter" would be an accurate spelling, referring to the act of scattering or spattering liquid or paint. Additionally, "splat" represents the sound made when something hits a surface, and "scatter" refers to spreading things in a random or haphazard manner.

List of suggestions on how to spell splater correctly

  • plate I put the meal on the plate.
  • platter
  • salter I need to buy a new salter for my kitchen because the old one broke.
  • slate I am planning to use a slate roof for my new house.
  • slater I think I spotted a Slater near the vilage.
  • spate
  • spatter The chef accidentally let egg spatter on the counter.
  • splat As the egg fell to the ground, it made a loud splat.
  • splats After hitting the water, Tom's head went under and he came up sputtering and splats.
  • splatted The gooey pie splatted all over the kitchen floor when I dropped it.
  • splatter After he hit her with a splatter, she ran screaming into the night.
  • splatters The artist splatters paint across the canvas to create a unique and abstract piece.
  • splinter
  • splutter The car's engine began to splutter and stall as it reached the top of the hill.

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