Correct spelling for SPOLER

We think the word spoler is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spoler

  • polar The wind, continuing to blow steadily from the west, was in our favour, and if the present speed of the Halbrane could be maintained, as I ventured to suggest to Captain Len Guy, the voyage from the South Orkneys to the Polar Circle would be a short one.
  • pole The one near Polaris is called the north pole.
  • sealer From the packing table the tins go to the syrup machine, where the fruit is covered with a syrup made of clear water and granulated sugar, thence to the exhaust box and double sealer, where it is heated and the cover sealed on the can. Then the can is conveyed to the cooker, where it is submerged in boiling water from twenty to thirty-five minutes, after which it is left in the cooling room about twelve hours, and then stacked in the warehouse until required for shipment.
  • seller The sale of a house and lot at a certain price, greater than the purchaser had at first intended to give, upon the representation of the seller that he had "been offered" such a sum.
  • solar What diversity in the solar myths, or those of creation, of fire, of water!
  • sole She told me sadly that she was a poor widow, and that the war had taken away her two sons, her sole means of support.
  • speer A somewhat similar prognostication was had in the case of Captain Speer, which may properly be put on record, for, as in the case already narrated, it turned out to be a true warning of impending death:
  • spell She could quite believe in its spell.
  • speller The book which she had mistakenly brought for her speller was her mental arithmetic; they were much the same size, and she often mistook one for the other.
  • spiel "Oh, punk! New Thought! Hashed thought with a poached egg! 'Cultivating the-' It sounds like 'Why is a mouse when it spins?' That's a fine spiel for a good Presbyterian to be going to, when you can hear Doc Drew!"
  • spill The noble Bruce had several narrow escapes from them, and the only sure way to destroy their scent was to spill blood upon the track.
  • splay The water is forced with great power through minute orifices in the large splay metal end of a hose, ascends some thirty or forty feet, and falls exactly in the form of very fine rain; thus every blade of grass is moistened.
  • spoil I'D spoil his pretty face for him."
  • spoiled We couldn't change to something different without all being spoiled.
  • spoiler But the mausoleum itself resisted the spoiler and remained 'a huge shapeless heap of massive fragments of masonry'.
  • spoke Mr. Bielby smiled as he spoke.
  • spool Gauze, spangles, scissors, and spool flew in all directions and the children, deciding that some unprecedented evil had befallen, stampeded after her.
  • spoor
  • spore
  • spotter
  • stole
  • supple
  • supplier
  • Spooled
  • spoilers This would be a first disappointment to the spoilers.
  • paler Paler you are, but not less beautiful.
  • suppler

98 words made from the letters spoler

5 letter words made from spoler:

perol, leros, peros, slore, slope, eorls, opler, slerp, sperl, spole, pelor, soper, ospel, preso, sloer, loser, olpes, elros, resol, perls, pelos, prose, spore, poles, perlo, orles, rosle, prole, ropes, poler, poser, lopes, pores, opels, sopel, serlo, elops, lerps, poels.

4 letter words made from spoler:

3 letter words made from spoler:

pel, esr, eos, pre, sop, lop, sol, rep, poe, res, leo, per, pro, ore, roe, pes, sep, ler, pol, sle, ops.

6 letter words made from spoler:

losper, splore, lopers, repsol, sloper, polers, spoerl, proles.

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