Correct spelling for SPOUR

We think the word spour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spour

  • poor The poor girl is at her father's, and I am afraid to look at her.
  • pour "I wrote you rather discouraged letters, I will admit, but I felt I could pour out my soul to you and you alone.
  • scour There's plenty of sand to scour with; it's bad for the garden though.
  • soar Say, hadn't you better wait and let York Macpherson soar down with you?
  • sop The vigorous snap of those strong fingers had not passed unnoticed, but Martin had controlled himself, and poured coals of fire on her head; she had been not only forgiven, but besought to take her own way, had received into the bargain a sop to her housekeeping pride.
  • soppy What a soppy name!
  • sou In the Palais de Justice everyone talks at once; no one cares a sou for appearances or reticence; there are no wigs, no shorn lips, no affectation of a superhuman knowledge of the world.
  • soup He started violently and nearly dropped the soup spoon, which he had picked up with his left hand.
  • soupy Just here the writer desires to protest against considering semi-aqueous masses, such as soupy sands, soft concrete, etc., as exerting hydrostatic pressure due to their weight in bulk, instead of to the specific gravity of the basic liquid.
  • sour What a mercy it will be if we can get rid of another bottle of the sour French wine!"
  • spa And, why should the people of Spa-fields be abused for having chosen to ask the assistance of him, who has received votes of thanks from those very meetings, both in England and Scotland, the proceedings of which meetings Mr. Perry of the Chronicle has praised to the skies?
  • spar "Yon spar cannot stand such shocks much longer," he concluded; "and, should it go over the bows, some fatal blow might be given to the ship at the rate she is moving.
  • spear He escaped, however, from this battle, but on his way to his own castle he was recognized by a peasant and wounded with a bamboo spear.
  • speer and a lily gay; But forgot to speer at her brother John, As the primrose spreads so sweetly.
  • spoor The traces of ruin he had left behind him, his immense spoor, all seemed to mark him out as one of these fierce creatures.
  • spore The uredospore forms fresh generations of the same kind until the close of the summer, when the third generation with another kind of spore, called a teleutospore, is produced.
  • sport Now this was very good sport, because it was totally unexpected.
  • spot "To the nearest spot," I replied after a moment's thought, "where I can lie down and sleep.
  • spouse "Well, he is a miner, and a good one too-" "Allow me to explain, my dear," said Mr Donnithorne, interrupting his spouse.
  • spout And for that was a curse on him raised, And he withered rathe, dry to his prime, Though the bounteous Giver be praised Through the island with rites of old time Exceedingly fervent, and reaped Veneration for teachings devout, Pious hymns when the corn-sheaves are heaped And the wine-presses ruddily spout, And the olive and apple are juice At a touch light as hers lost below.
  • spud He walked over to Spud, lifted the dummy into position in the crook of his arm.
  • spur It was the very spur they needed.
  • spurn A priori, I spurn them, every one.
  • spurt Helena sat watching the water spurt back from the bows.
  • spy "That woman you are with is a spy.
  • sup I also begged M. de Valenglard to sup with me.
  • super Their common signification, like that of the words nec super eum ibimus, describes physical action alone.
  • Sepoy But it is the message, Sahib, that is more than the life of a sepoy, is it not?
  • Sours Yes, Heaven is thine; but this Is a world of sweets and sours; Our flowers are merely-flowers, And the shadow of thy perfect bliss Is the sunshine of ours.
  • Spun Not long after they arrived where the young girls spun at night.
  • spurs What spurs them on?
  • pours The sunshine pours over the little park, filled with fashionable loungers.
  • SP For example, if milk has sp.
  • spoors Jumping on his horse, he rode to the end of the bush, circled once or twice to take note of the different spoors, then broke into a canter and rode nearly due south.

25 words made from the letters spour

3 letter words made from spour:

pro, sur, ops, sou, sup, pus, uro, sop.

4 letter words made from spour:

pour, pros, puso, rupo, sour, opus, suor, soup, rous, suro, spur.

5 letter words made from spour:

pours, supor, puros, roups, sourp, porus.

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