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How to spell SPOUS correctly?

The correct spelling for "spous" is "spouse". This is a common misspelling and it can be corrected by simply adding the missing "e" at the end of the word. Other possible suggestions may include using a spell checker or consulting a dictionary to ensure correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell spous correctly

  • espouse She chose to espouse the mission of the charity and dedicated herself to its cause.
  • opus After his first opus was widely acclaimed, the pressure to create a similarly successful piece became overwhelming.
  • pious She lived a pious life, attending church every Sunday and praying daily.
  • Pius Pope Pius IX is lamented by many Catholics for his reactionary views on many issues.
  • POOS
  • Poss
  • pours He pours his tea into the mug carefully.
  • pus The wound oozed pus, indicating the presence of an infection.
  • sops The restaurant offered sops of bread and butter for customers to snack on before their meals.
  • sos I sent out an SOS to my friends when I got lost in the city.
  • souls The churchgoers prayed for the souls of their loved ones who had passed away.
  • soup I love soup because it's so easy to make and it's a great way to use up any leftover groceries.
  • soups I love making soups during the winter.
  • Sours The smell of rotten eggs sours the entire room.
  • Sous She prepared a dish of sous vide pork with Brussels sprouts.
  • sousa The music of Francisco Sousa is often performed at weddings.
  • souse I tried to souse my sandwich in the au jus but it ended up too soggy to eat.
  • SOWS She has a Sows farm.
  • spars The sailors were busy tightening the spars on the ship's mast.
  • SPAS I love to relax and unwind at the various spas in town.
  • spays The vet spays all female cats that are brought to her clinic.
  • spews The spew of liquid from the broken pipe spews onto the ground.
  • Spies
  • spoils She always cherishes the spoils of her victories.
  • spokes He tightened the spokes on his bicycle wheel to prevent it from wobbling.
  • spoofs I love watching comedy spoofs of my favorite movies.
  • spooks The sound of spooks in the old attic made John nervous.
  • spools I need to organize my sewing supplies and buy new spools of thread.
  • spoons I'm going to fix these spoons with a dab of superglue.
  • spoors
  • Spores The fungi released spores that were carried away by the wind.
  • Sports I love watching my son play sports.
  • spots The spots on my arm are from the sun.
  • spousal The spousal support payments helped her to transition back to single life after the divorce.
  • spouse My spouse and I went on a romantic vacation to Hawaii last year.
  • Spouses My parents were happily married spouses for over 50 years.
  • spout The spout on the water faucet was very hard to turn.
  • spouts My saliva spouts uncontrollably.
  • spuds He likes to fry up some spuds for his supper.
  • spur The unexpected win will spur the team to work harder in the next tournament.
  • spurs My shoes are too small, they don't fit my feet well, so I need to get new spurs.
  • stoups I had to use the stoups outside the church to wash my hands before entering.

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