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How to spell SPULLING correctly?

If you find yourself constantly misspelling the word "spulling", fear not! Here are some useful suggestions to help you get it right. Remember to replace "spulling" with "spelling" for accurate writing. Utilize spell check, practice with flashcards or read more to improve your spelling skills and avoid any future "spulling" mishaps!

List of suggestions on how to spell spulling correctly

  • Palling I was so thrilled, I was literally palling at the sight.
  • Pilling I'm going to bed but I don't want to pilling my sheets!
  • Polling Polling indicates that the public is interested in the issue.
  • Puling The baby was puling in protest.
  • pulling I was pulling the heavy cart up the steep hill.
  • Purling The sound of purling water from the nearby stream was soothing.
  • sculling He spent his weekends sculling on the lake.
  • selling The old woman was selling apples on the street.
  • spelling I am very good at spelling difficult words.
  • spellings I always struggle with the spellings of difficult words.
  • spieling I couldn't concentrate on the presentation because the speaker kept spieling about irrelevant topics.
  • spilling I accidentally tripped and ended up spilling my coffee all over the floor.
  • spoiling The mother stopped spoiling her child as she realized it was leading to bad behavior.
  • Spooling The machine was spooling out the new reel of film.

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