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How to spell SQUACH correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "squach" and are looking for correct alternatives, consider "squash" or "squat". Both words have entirely different meanings but are similar in spelling. "Squash" refers to a fruit or a sport, while "squat" relates to a position or exercise. Double-check your intended word to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell squach correctly

  • quash
  • squab We ordered a dish of roast squab with root vegetables at the fancy restaurant.
  • squad The squad of soldiers marched in perfect formation.
  • squall The little boat was tossed about by every squall, and its occupants grew increasingly seasick.
  • square The tablecloth is cut in a perfect square shape.
  • squash I love to eat butternut squash soup during the fall.
  • squashy The cushion on the couch was so squashy that I sank into it.
  • squat She had a hard time doing a squat because of her injured knee.
  • squaw
  • squawk The parrot started to squawk loudly when it saw its owner coming in.
  • squaws The word "squaws" is considered offensive and it is recommended to use the term "Native American Women" instead.
  • squelch I stepped on a puddle and felt the squelch of my wet shoes.
  • squish
  • such I have to study such hard for this test.

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