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How to spell SQUISY correctly?

If you've been misspelling "squisy", fear not, as there are several correct alternatives. The correct spelling is "squishy". Remember to replace the "i" with an "h", resulting in the accurate spelling of this word.

List of suggestions on how to spell squisy correctly

  • squash My mom grows different varieties of squash in her backyard garden.
  • squashy I love squashy potatoes.
  • squib My favorite childhood toy was a squib rocket.
  • Squibb The company manufactures a drug called Squibb.
  • squibs The sound of exploding squibs filled the air as the fireworks display lit up the night sky.
  • squid As I was swimming in the ocean, I saw a giant squid swim past me.
  • Squids Squids are fascinating creatures that have the ability to change colors and shapes to blend in with their environment.
  • squiffy I couldn't help but notice that his walk was a bit squiffy.
  • squire During the squire's training, he was taught how to handle a blade and ride a horse.
  • squirm
  • squirmy I felt a squirmy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
  • squirt
  • squish
  • squishy I'm squishy, so I can't stay firm for long.
  • sudsy I need to clean my sudsy hands before I eat.

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