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How to spell SQURE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "squre", don't worry. The correct spelling is "square". Common mistakes happen, but the correct way to write it is with the "a" after "s" and before "u". Double-checking your spelling or using spell-check tools can help avoid misspellings like this in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell squre correctly

  • cure The doctor prescribed a medicine that can cure your illness.
  • esquire My cousin Alex has already passed the bar exam and can now call himself an esquire.
  • quire The printer needs to order another quire of paper before he can finish the job.
  • scare
  • score She managed to score the highest marks in the whole class.
  • secure
  • sere The sere landscape was a testament to the prolonged drought that had gripped the region.
  • sire The knight rode his horse to the castle to pay homage to his sire, the king.
  • sore My ankle is really sore.
  • sourer I thought the lemonade was sweet, but as it sat in the sun, it became sourer.
  • square I need to buy a new Square reader for my small business.
  • squared I measured the area of the room and then squared the measurements to calculate the required amount of flooring.
  • Squarer I have never heard the word " Squarer" before.
  • squares She likes to play checkers, but I think she would also enjoy squares.
  • squire He is the new squire.
  • squired The young lord was squired by an experienced knight.
  • Squires The young Squires were eager to prove themselves to their knightly mentors.
  • sucre I often eat chocolates in the form of Sucre.
  • sure I am sure I will find my way home.
  • surer
  • surge The surge of water caused by the storm knocked down power lines, disrupted transportation, and flooded homes.

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