Correct spelling for SSECTION

We think the word ssection is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for ssection

  • Dissection
  • The complaint as to the scarcity of bodies for dissection is as old as the history of anatomy itself.

  • Sectional
  • Why should all sectional animosities be speedily removed?

  • Sanction
  • He led barillon into a private room, and there apologised for having dared to take so important a step without the previous sanction of lewis.

  • Session
  • As the prince regent returned from opening the session of parliament, some gravel or a potatoe was thrown at his carriage, the window of which was cracked.

  • Bisection
  • Bartletts bisection theorem from filter design bartletts familiar quotations justice bartlett (disambiguation) bartlett (series)

  • Secretion
  • They increase the loss of heat when they promote the secretion of the skin, and diminish the loss when they cease to promote it.

  • Sections
  • In association with this, the original text contained editorial notes at the foot of each page giving the page numbers for the related sections.

  • Section
  • After holding court in los angeles he took the train for san francisco august 13th, the deputy marshal occupying a section in the sleeping car directly opposite to his.

  • Suctions
  • Selection
  • It would be in vain to attempt, in a work of this kind, to describe the different species and varieties of horses; i shall, therefore, quickly pass on to a small selection from the numerous anecdotes placed before me, a few of which are the results of personal experience.

  • Seduction
  • That black, fixed stare into which i had read a tragic meaning more than once, in which i had found a sombre seduction, was perfectly empty now, void of all consciousness whatever, and not even aware any longer of my presence; it had become a little sleepy, in the jacobus fashion.

  • Suction
  • Then came the deadly suction of the sinking ship; the waters poured from all round, like a raging torrent, into the swirling hollow where the craft had been; and as leslie felt himself caught and dragged irresistibly toward the vortex he instinctively drew a deep breath, filling his lungs to their utmost capacity with air in readiness for the long submergence that he knew was coming.

  • Resection
  • After complete resection of visible disease, the chest cavity is perfused with hyperthermic chemotherapy with the goal of treating microscopic or minimally visible disease.

  • Sectioned
  • Most sable antelopes have white "eyebrows", their rostra are sectioned into cheek stripes, and their bellies and rump patches are white.

238 words made from the letters ssection

5 letter words made from ssection:

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4 letter words made from ssection:

3 letter words made from ssection:

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