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How to spell STABB correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "stabb", chances are you meant to type "stab". Be sure to double-check your spelling as typos can occur. If you were looking for related words, you might consider "stabbing" or "stabbed", depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell stabb correctly

  • SAAB Johan sped past the SAAB in his 911 and pulled ahead.
  • scab The wound on his knee was healing and there was a scab on it.
  • scabby The scabby dog was covered in dirt and scratches.
  • slab The slab of meat was cold and wet.
  • STA
  • stab
  • stabbed The victim was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed multiple times in the chest.
  • stabber The police arrested the stabber who had committed a brutal attack in the park.
  • stable After so many years of volatility, it felt good to finally have a stable job.
  • stably The economy is now growing stably after the recession.
  • stabs He stabs his knife into the apple.
  • stag He was about to take off his shirt when he noticed a stag in the forest.
  • stair He tripped and tumbled down the stair.
  • Stan I am a big Stan of that singer.
  • star My favorite star is the one I can see at night.
  • STAT
  • stay I like to stay in bed on the weekends.
  • stub
  • stubby My stubby little arms look so adorable in this dress.
  • stubs I found some old ticket stubs in my drawer from a concert I went to years ago.
  • swab The nurse used a swab to take a sample of saliva from the patient's mouth.
  • tab I need to open a new tab in my browser to search for the information.
  • tabby My neighbor's cat is a beautiful tabby with orange and black stripes.

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