Correct spelling for STACKHOLDERS

We think the word stackholders is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stackholders

  • stockholder It would never do to get you all ready to start, and then have an injunction clapped on you by some unforeseen stockholder who was not satisfied with the terms offered you; nor can I ever let it be said of me that to retain my position as janitor of your organization I sacrificed a trust committed to my charge.
  • stockholders When it was established in 1867 all employes were stockholders and profits were divided as follows: Twelve percent on capital and the balance in proportion to the earnings of the men.
  • stakeholders The adopted Resolution shall be submitted to the governments of the Baltic Sea region, the CBSS and the EU, and disseminated to other relevant national, regional and local stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region and its neighbourhood.

620 words made from the letters stackholders

3 letter words made from stackholders:

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4 letter words made from stackholders:

akre, dock, ares, halt, dart, alho, halo, etak, care, asko, chat, coat, esko, also, dahl, dolt, cost, crkt, ecto, cero, arks, arts, ache, cseh, ashk, core, dash, acth, dhok, cade, ards, dhat, asok, doka, eash, deak, coke, dole, dote, dorh, hald, deka, alto, coal, arse, doek, cart, dohr, dare, aloe, cred, dhak, aleh, dalo, cask, eral, code, ehlo, aleo, dshk, cosh, aero, ehad, cast, dhol, dots, hale, aked, acts, coda, akol, cord, earl, calk, eoka, deth, ehrc, case, coss, acre, cora, celt, eaks, arsk, echo, etch, hake, etlo, eros, cash, char, each, doha, atok, deol, date, acht, cars, arok, arch, deok, dake, daho, ashe, alko, dork, doar, cork, ckat, chao, haor, ekco, eldh, aker, dace, aohr, cole, dero, esla, cats, doke, east, clot, doer, eats, asch, dako, doch, eorl, delo, edah, dekh, hare, drah, chad, elks, colt, akot, cots, cote, cert, cake, erst, cahl, acer, eroh, hack, ekho, dose, deck, eohr, dher, ckst, deor, ceka, ertl, etah, drak, atle, erak, cold, hard, deca, dath, desk, areo, dear, ecks, deah, clod, doel, ekta, hael, dhal, clad, choe, haks, daht, cola, dark, alok, deal, doss, erck, card, asks, cark, dale, echt.

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