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How to spell STAMER correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "stamer" is "stammer". "Stammer" means to speak with involuntary pauses and repetitions. Other possible correct suggestions may include "steamer", "streamer" or "stalker" depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell stamer correctly

  • Samar Samar is a common Arabic name for both boys and girls.
  • same
  • Samey I don't enjoy listening to this music, it all sounds so samey to me.
  • seamed The curtains were seamed together for a perfect fit.
  • seamier He was a seamier character than I originally imagined.
  • stair
  • stamen
  • stammer I am a little bit stammer
  • stammers He always stammers when he is nervous or anxious.
  • stamp
  • stamper The stamp collector carefully examined each stamper in his collection to ensure their authenticity.
  • star She is a star in the movie industry.
  • stare
  • starer The creepy guy sitting next to me on the bus was a serial starer, and I couldn't wait to get off at my stop.
  • stater The ancient Greek city-state of Athens minted a silver stater as its currency.
  • stayer As a stayer, she was determined to see the project through until its completion.
  • steamed My mom steamed some green beans for dinner.
  • steamer The steamer was filled with tourists ready to explore the city's waterfront.
  • steer The captain used the wheel to steer the ship through the stormy waves.
  • streamer My little streamer is just so cute.
  • tame I think it's time we tame that monkey.
  • tamer The lion tamer amazed the audience by putting his head inside the lion's mouth.
  • timer Set the timer for 30 minutes and take a break.

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