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How to spell STAPER correctly?

If you are trying to spell "stapler", the correct spelling is with a "l" instead of an "r". Other suggestions for a similar sounding word could be "stalker" or "steeper", but these would not be correct replacements for "stapler."

List of suggestions on how to spell staper correctly

  • sapper As a sapper in the military, Claire was responsible for clearing the way for her team's advancement.
  • Soaped
  • SOAPIER Developed by SOAPier, this API will help you integrate your services with the rest of the world.
  • stair
  • stamper The stamper pressed the company logo onto each piece of paper.
  • staple
  • stapler I need to refill the staples in my stapler.
  • star My favorite part of the night sky is when I see a shooting star.
  • stare
  • starer This new film features a starer.
  • stater The ancient Greeks used a coin called a stater as their unit of currency.
  • stayer The stayer will be rewarded with an ice cream.
  • steeper The hill was a little steeper than she was used to.
  • steer I am learning to steer a boat.
  • stepper She confidently climbed up the stepper and began her workout routine.
  • stopper I must find a stopper for this bottle of beer.
  • stupor After being drugged, the victim entered a state of deep stupor.
  • super I am so excited for the super movie premiere!
  • tape I need to tape this shoe to my foot so it doesn't flap in the wind.
  • taper The seamstress used a taper to create a perfect fit for the dress.
  • tapir The tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal native to the forests and grasslands of Central and South America.
  • tapper The musician skillfully played the drums, working as a tapper for the band.

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