What is the correct spelling for STATURDAY?

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Correct spelling for STATURDAY

We think the word staturday is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for staturday

  • saturday On the Saturday we went down to Hare Street, all together, with the body of the little maid in a coach by itself.
  • stated It was signed with a name which surprised me, and the writer, who addressed me as "Sir," and mentioned that he was my humble servant, stated that he was Boulson's father.
  • stater The medium in universal circulation then, current everywhere, like the English sovereign now, was the Macedonian stater, newly introduced by Philip, a gold coin weighing 133 grains, bearing on the one side the laureated head of Apollo, on the other a figure of Victory in a chariot.
  • statuary Upon all the outer edges of this park there were masses of shrubbery, or little lines of hedge, irregularly disposed, with bits of grass opening upon the street, and here and there a line of slender iron railing with a group of statuary back of it, and so the people when they walked that way scarcely knew when they entered the park, or when they left it.
  • statue His back was towards us, and he did not appear to notice our approach; indeed, so motionless did he sit, that he might have been mistaken for a bronze statue.
  • statuette She gave him a rapid glance, perceived that her statuette was of altogether exceptional merit, and then smiled, knowingly, as if this had long been an agreeable certainty.
  • stature Sir John Swinton, of Swinton, was a Scottish champion, noted for his courage and gigantic stature.
  • statute The one really serious attempt to reconstruct the Liturgy in post-Caroline times was that which grew naturally enough out of the Revolution of 1688. In every previous crisis of political change, the Prayer Book had felt the tremor along with the statute-book.
  • statutory Such free display of human energy being possible only under complete individual and social freedom, Anarchism directs its forces against the third and greatest foe of all social equality; namely, the State, organized authority, or statutory law,-the dominion of human conduct.
  • study Friday is the night of least consequence in a London theatre; and if you can arrange it with Mrs. Grey, I'll arrange it with Lehmann; my under-study is always glad of a chance of taking the part.
  • sturdy Roger had read of President Wilson's calling these Southern highlanders "a part of the original stuff of which America was made," and he wanted to hear about their sturdy life from a man who knew them well.
  • started Without waiting to see who he was or what he did, the two dove for their saddles and started their horses pell-mell down the hill towards him.
  • Saturdays He's at home Saturdays, and it's just like a horrid Harvard Soph to plague us so."
  • over-hang Now the heavy over-hang of the principal roof will naturally cast a shadow which will be an important line in the composition, so we arrange our accessories at the right of the picture in reference to this.

306 words made from the letters staturday

3 letter words made from staturday:

rad, ara, tau, sty, ray, dat, aas, rat, dts, art, ayr, uta, tad, dys, tay, sat, tyr, rut, tat, sad, tdt, usa, ada, aar, ras, dry, try, das, day, tar, rya, sur, urd, say.

4 letter words made from staturday:

duta, dary, ards, yura, adar, dust, udry, dayt, usry, ayus, yasa, daus, arau, turd, arua, audy, drut, rady, surd, syda, taua, tary, ruad, arty, taut, dyar, raut, dutt, uyar, rayt, stuy, duty, tsur, ayts, yasu, tatu, tray, yard, aras, dray, ayat, dayu, aday, yust, ayar, tyas, saya, dasu, rust, trat, dura, ruta, ayad, sayd, sady, styr, ratu, tsar, atay, sard, tuya, trad, ayas, tays, stty, saru, tsay, yrsa, ruys, ruyt, sura, tart, daut, raud, daur, auty, tyus, atar, stay, days, aura, sadu, ryad, ruts, drau, dart, asur, yadu, star, arts, tara, rutt, asat, aury, trud, saud, stud, yurt, asud, drua, yaad, data, dury, raus, uray, ryas, urdy, suar.

5 letter words made from staturday:

ratus, rasta, daras, sutra, tsuda, tatya, sudra, suard, artau, asyut, studt, atrus, dartt, ayats, astur, atuas, statu, austa, darus, stary, attur, dusty, yasur, rudas, sayar, turda, rutts, tatra, suada, tayra, ratta, tatus, study, arttu, rytas, sudar, saury, tatsu, drays, dutta, audas, tatau, staar, yurta, atatu, sadry, tarda, ratua, ayrus, sarda, urata, satay, rusty, duray, darts, drats, ystad, tatad, dauts, radau, ardua, tyras, ayars, satat, satyr, sutta, utada, saray, utara, drusa, tadas, stray, traut, suart, tarsy, datus, ryaas, ttyad, tayar, dutar, satta, tauts, sadya, asura, yuras, tatry, turay, sadar, turds, ryuta, atray, stadt, saryu, tatas, duras, stada, aydar, darat, sadat, tryst, tarty, dryas, yurts, ratas, ratty, tytus, ataru, tuart, rydas, raadt, aurat, dutty, dyaus, tarau, rayas, rasau, start, trata, darst, strad, tasar, duaas, ustad, attar, adyar, araud, rutty, yauds, suara, tayad, uttar, saura, surat, yatta, satur, dutra, tasty, saady, strut, adust, darty, yarta, trust, udaya, tatar, suata, trsat, yards, tardy, ayuda, draus, sayad, saaru, yatra, yasar, surya, daurs, stura, yaars, artsd, duars, ardas, artsy, staat.

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