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How to spell STAURESED correctly?

If you meant to type "stauresed" but realized it was incorrect, here are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct term might be "stabilized" if you're referring to something being made stable. Alternatively, you might have meant "starved" if you're discussing hunger or lack of nourishment.

List of suggestions on how to spell stauresed correctly

  • saturated My clothes were completely saturated after standing in the rain for hours.
  • sautéed
  • sauteed
  • staggered I staggered and almost fell after tripping on a loose tile.
  • stammered He took a deep breath and stammered out his confession.
  • stampeded The crowd stampeded out of the stadium after the final goal was scored.
  • starched She wore a starched white blouse to the job interview.
  • stared As the ghostly figure appeared in front of them, they stared in fear and disbelief.
  • stares The child stares fascinatedly at the clown performing tricks at the circus.
  • starred She starred in the critically acclaimed film, receiving rave reviews for her performance.
  • started I started my day with a cup of coffee to help wake me up.
  • startled The loud crash startled me, causing me to jump in surprise.
  • starved The prisoners were starved for days, their bodies weak and their minds desperate for sustenance.
  • statures The two athletes were of different statures, with one being tall and muscular, while the other was small and agile.
  • staunched The paramedics quickly arrived and staunched the bleeding with a tourniquet.
  • stressed I felt stressed and overwhelmed while preparing for the final exams.
  • strewed She strewed flower petals along the aisle to create a romantic atmosphere for the wedding.
  • Tauruses Tauruses are known for their strong determination and persistence in achieving their goals.
  • tautened She tautened the rope before attempting to climb up the mountain.

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