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How to spell STAYTED correctly?

The correct spelling for "stayted" is "stayed". To avoid this misspelling, ensure the correct tense of the verb is used. "Stayed" implies past tense, while "stay" refers to the present or future. Remember to proofread carefully to catch any errors in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell stayted correctly

  • salted My favorite snack is salted peanuts.
  • sated After eating a full meal, she felt sated and content.
  • seated
  • Skated I skated on the frozen lake for hours.
  • Slated Rose Slated to make the West Wing decision tomorrow.
  • staged The play was only a staged production.
  • Staked I staked the tomato plants to ensure they grow upwards.
  • Staled I left the bread out too long and it staled before I could eat it.
  • stared
  • started I started to read the book last night.
  • starter I ordered the shrimp cocktail as a starter.
  • startled The loud thunder startled the cat and it ran to hide under the bed.
  • state The state of New York is among the most populous in the country.
  • stated The president stated his intention to veto the bill.
  • Staten
  • stater
  • states The states are AWAKE!
  • Staved The hiker staved off the cold with a warm jacket and hot tea.
  • Stayed She stayed in the bedroom while I made dinner.
  • Stetted I stetted my original edits and returned to the document's initial form.
  • stilted The conversation was stilted and awkward as they struggled to find common ground.
  • Stinted His career stinted due to lack of opportunities.
  • stunted I was stunned when I saw the stunted growth of her child.
  • styled
  • Tasted I thought the wine tasted perfumey.
  • tatted She showed off her tatted sleeve while walking down the street.

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