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How to spell STEAING correctly?

If you meant "stealing", try typing it again with the correct spelling. Other possible suggestions include "stewing", "staring" or "steading". Consider the context in which the misspelling occurred and choose the appropriate alternative.

List of suggestions on how to spell steaing correctly

  • sealing After applying the adhesive, he carefully positioned the tiles before sealing them in place.
  • Seaming The dress was perfectly tailored with seams so straight they appeared to be drawn on with a ruler, leaving the seaming a masterpiece of skilled tailoring.
  • Searing Smith's searing glare made the young man cower.
  • seating We hope to have a seating arrangement finalized by the end of the day.
  • Seeding Seeding the lawn in the spring will ensure a lush and healthy green grass.
  • seeing I was seeing stars when I fell asleep.
  • staging The staging of the play went smoothly and the audience was thoroughly entertained.
  • stain I had to stain the couch with a color that matched the Rug.
  • Stains
  • Staking John was staking his claim to the land by putting up a fence around it.
  • Staling
  • staring She was staring at the beautiful sunset with admiration.
  • Stating
  • Staving I am staving for my life.
  • Staying Staying focused is important when studying for an exam.
  • stealing Stealing is a crime that can result in imprisonment.
  • steaming A pot of water is steaming on the stove.
  • Steeling Despite the serum Steeling gave her, she felt the cold steel of the handcuffs biting into her skin.
  • Steeping She was steeping her tea when her phone rang.
  • steering The driver was having difficulty steering the car in the snow.
  • stein He lifted the stein of beer to his lips and took a long, refreshing sip.
  • steins The Oktoberfest party was in full swing with plenty of beer steins clinking together.
  • Stemming The problem with the machine learning algorithm may be stemming from the lack of training data.
  • Stepping She was nervous about stepping onto the stage to perform in front of the large audience.
  • sterling The quality of her work was sterling.
  • Stetting His stetting prevented the ball from ending up in the net.
  • stewing She was stewing something on the stove.
  • sting I accidentally touched a bee and felt a sting on my finger.
  • strain A strain of the flu was spreading through the school.
  • string He used a string to tie the package shut.
  • sweating I'm sweating because I walked for an hour under the sun.
  • teasing He was teasing her about her weight.
  • Teeing He practiced his teeing technique every morning before heading to the golf course.

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