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How to spell STEAPS correctly?

The misspelling "steaps" could be corrected to "steps", "steak" or "stapes". "Steps" is the most likely correction given the context, but "steak" could also be a plausible suggestion depending on the intended meaning. "Stapes" is less likely but still a valid correction in certain contexts, such as medical or anatomical discussions.

List of suggestions on how to spell steaps correctly

  • saps I am going to saps the tree.
  • satraps The animal was trap caught by a satraps.
  • seats
  • seeps The oil leaks from the crack in the pipe Seeps out into the larger stream
  • Soaps
  • stamps She needed a few more stamps to send all of her invitations.
  • stars In the night sky, you can see stars.
  • stays He currently stays in a small apartment in the city.
  • steaks We'll be having some steaks for dinner tonight.
  • steals She steals all the attention when she enters the room.
  • steams The water steams as it boils on the stove.
  • steep The road up the mountain was so steep that I had to take breaks every few minutes.
  • step I took a step forward and stumbled on the uneven pavement.
  • steppes She trekked through the steppes on foot.
  • steps I took the steps carefully because I didn't want to slip on the icy stairs.
  • stews I love making stews during the winter.
  • stoops She stoops to pick up the fallen books from the floor.
  • stops
  • stoups The church's entrance had two stoups filled with holy water for parishioners to bless themselves.
  • straps She adjusted the straps on her backpack and set off on the trail.
  • taps She turned on the taps and filled the bathtub with hot water.

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