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How to spell STFU correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "stfu", it's important to promote respectful and positive communication. Instead, consider using alternatives like "hush", "be quiet" or "let's keep things civil". Encouraging constructive dialogue fosters understanding and prevents unnecessary conflicts in online discussions.

List of suggestions on how to spell stfu correctly

  • safe I always feel safe with my family.
  • SF I have never been to SF, but I would love to visit one day.
  • sift The baker had to sift the flour to remove any lumps.
  • snafu During the briefing, the secretary made a snafu and began to speak in Czech.
  • sofa I am inviting my friends over to sit on my new sofa.
  • soft The pillow felt soft against my cheek.
  • SPF It is recommended to always wear a sunscreen with a high SPF when spending time outdoors.
  • ST I need to cancel my ST appointment.
  • STA
  • stab The man tried to stab me with a knife.
  • staff The staff at the hotel were friendly and helpful.
  • stag
  • Stan You're Stan, aren't you?
  • star
  • STAT The paramedic yelled "STAT" as he rushed the patient into the emergency room.
  • stay I want to stay in this cozy cabin for the whole weekend.
  • STD
  • STE
  • stem
  • step After the tutorial, my programming skills took a huge step forward.
  • stet After the editor mistakenly marked the sentence as incorrect, the author quickly wrote "stet" in the margin to indicate it should be left unchanged.
  • stew I'm making a big pot of beef stew for dinner tonight.
  • stiff I felt stiff after the run.
  • stir She gave the soup a good stir before adding in the final ingredients.
  • STOL I feel so sheepish when I stol away from the party.
  • stop I am going to stop eating junk food so I can improve my health.
  • stoup A stoup filled with holy water sat near the entrance of the church.
  • stout I downed a stout before we started dinner.
  • stow I will stow my suitcase in the overhead compartment.
  • Stu Stu is my best frenemy.
  • stub The engine is refusing to start because of a faulty fuel injection system called a "stub.
  • stud He was a stud on the basketball court, making impressive plays and scoring points for his team.
  • stuff Can you help me move all this stuff into my new apartment?
  • stun The bright flash of lightning and loud crack of thunder seemed to stun the panicked crowd.
  • sty The stale bread left on the counter was infested with mold and a sty of fruit flies.
  • Sufi My friend practices Sufi meditation to connect with spirituality.
  • tofu I like to eat tofu as a snack.

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