Correct spelling for STITCCHED

We think the word stitcched is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stitcched

  • detached "It's real enough while it lasts, you know," Peter remarked in the detached, elderly tone he sometimes adopted.
  • scorched They were near enough to be scorched by the flame of it.
  • situated They passed down the half-darkened stairs to the floor beneath, on which was situated the three sets of offices.
  • stacked When he had worked thus for about two hours and had stacked a pile of wood almost as large as the cabin he considered it sufficient for the day.
  • stated Madame Bathurst read her letter to me, and stated how happy she should be for me to remain.
  • stitched A small volume, lightly stitched together, lay on a little table beside the bed.
  • stocked The vast celliers, covering an area of upwards of 3,000 square yards, and either stocked with wine in cask or used for packing and similar purposes, afford the requisite space for carrying on a most extensive business.
  • stretched The field stretched, a dark shadow, to the edge of the yard.
  • Scotched Again the wrist twitch, again the shooting loop and- " Scotched!"
  • Sketched She had already sketched out a little scheme whereby she might redeem the two promises which, lying latent in her mind for these two years past, had suddenly sprung into such abnormal activity, and, in the limited circle of her small past, present and future, monopolized at once her memories, and energies, and hopes.
  • Stanched Looking at those men, black from the wind, men who slept on the grass of the steppe, ate nothing for two days and three, removed not their armor at night even, who stanched their wounds with powder, and who withal had the courage of heroes, I felt humble, and thought it not well to be elated and think much of my services, when those made naught of enduring such hardships and were singing in gladness, as if not understanding that they were heroes.
  • Starched Away went the two little girls, Melvina's long braids dancing about, and her starched skirts blown back as she raced along; and, greatly to Anna's surprise, Melvina passed her and was first at the shop.
  • Stetted
  • Stomached
  • Stuccoed
  • staunched With care, and as much precision as was possible without the aid of sight, he bound Tom's head in bandages formed from the handkerchiefs provided, and had the satisfaction of finding that the wound was staunched and the pulse beating a little stronger before many minutes had passed.
  • stashed Padger suggested that young Greenfield might possibly have to have his cheek cut off if he didn't look-out, and Paul said the sooner he "stashed his cheek" the better.

169 words made from the letters stitcched

4 letter words made from stitcched:

5 letter words made from stitcched:

thest, cetti, ditch, edits, chest, dices, icest, eisch, chide, cesic, schie, teths, stice, desch, theic, shite, setit, iches, sieth, cedit, deist, tesch, etich, chedi, isthe, heids, distt, shett, hides, ciste, diest, cisce, thiet, ditte, edict, sitte, iched, tisch, stech, tiste, deshi, cites, sitch, heist, sidth, theis, heidt, ecchi, cseti, sidhe, teich, steht, tithe, deich, titch, dicht, sicht, dicts, ethic, seith, echis, ditts, chits, setti, tices, chics, sethi, thies.

3 letter words made from stitcched:

etc, dec, ted, sic, icc, dit, cis, hie, ect, des, die, tsh, sth, est, tet, sec, tic, ice, tec, scd, thc, tit, cst, chi, het, ecc, thd, dis, dts, tdt, ies, sit, tie, set.

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