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How to spell STIVING correctly?

If you meant to write "striving" instead of "stiving", capitalizing on similarities in pronunciation, this correction would make more sense. "Striving" refers to making great efforts or aiming to achieve a goal. Ensuring proper spelling can lead to clear communication and convey your intentions accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell stiving correctly

  • diving I love diving into the clear blue water during hot summer days.
  • saving Saving some money every month can help you achieve your financial goals in the future.
  • serving She was serving dinner to her guests when the power went out.
  • siding
  • sieving The process of sieving helps to remove impurities from the flour.
  • siting Siting the new playground was a difficult task due to the limited available space.
  • Skiving Even though he was supposed to be working, the employee was caught skiving off to play video games in the break room.
  • staining I noticed staining on the carpet where the spilled juice had not been properly cleaned.
  • starving The dog was so starving that it ate an entire pizza off the kitchen counter.
  • Staving The hunters were staving off hunger by eating wild berries and roots.
  • sticking The glue was sticking to my fingers when I tried to separate the pages.
  • stiffing I hate when people think they can get away with stiffing their server on a tip.
  • stifling The heat was stifling in the crowded room.
  • Stilling The stilling of her racing heart allowed her to finally calm down.
  • sting The bee's sting was painful and caused a reaction on my skin.
  • stinging The bee's stinging process is used as a defense mechanism to protect the hive.
  • Stirling
  • stirring She stood at the stove, vigorously stirring the pot of soup.
  • string She cut a string of yarn to use for the project.
  • striving She was always striving to be her best self.
  • suiting I think wearing a tie is suiting for this important business meeting.

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