How to spell STOAR correctly?

We think the word stoar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell stoar correctly

  • astor Astor stepped into the territory of the Missouri Fur Company after Lisa's death in 1820, and in 1822 the Western Division of his American Fur Company was established.
  • sad The sad thing about it is that I had forgotten it!
  • sat "I wish, Ted, you would try, while you are in my house, to be on time to dinner," my mother said as we sat down.
  • sear Give me ripe fruit with the green- Fresh leaves mingling with the sear; As in tropic climes are seen Blending through the deathless year.
  • sitar Behemoth Nergal – vocals, guitar Orion – bass guitar, backing vocals on "Daimonos" Inferno – drums, percussion, backing vocals on "Daimonos" Session musicians Seth – guitar, backing vocals on "Daimonos" Additional musicians Siegmar – samples, synthesizer Hevelius Brass quintet Pawel Hulisz – trumpet Piotr Kowalkowski – trumpet Michal Szczerba – horn Bogdan Kwiatek – trombone Lukasz Gruba – tuba Boris "Hatefrost" Kalyuzhnyy – backing vocals on "Daimonos" Maciej "Manticore" Gruszka – backing vocals "Daimonos" Arkadiusz Malczewski – backing vocals "Daimonos" Tomasz "Ragaboy" Osiecki – sitar on "Shemhamforash" Maciej MaleÅ„czuk – spoken word on "Lucifer" Production Behemoth – production Daniel Bergstrand – co-production SÅ‚awomir WiesÅ‚awski – co-production Wojciech WiesÅ‚awski – co-production Colin Richardson – co-production, mixing Arkadiusz Malczewski – engineering Janusz Bryt – engineering Kuba MaÅ„kowski – engineering Ted Jensen – Audio mastering Visual art Nergal – cover concept Tomasz DaniÅ‚owicz – cover concept, cover design, artwork, mask design Macifj Boryna – photography Grupa13 – photography Kasjopea Michorowska – costum design Behemoth – make up Gellaturo – mask
  • soar He had been resting while the Eagle had been flying, and now he was able to soar past the point the Eagle had reached at his dead-best.
  • sod There was a good sod of grass under the rubbish.
  • soda The letter bore the important signature of T. Beeswax on the corner of the envelope, and so disturbed Lord Nidderdale that he called at once for a glass of soda-and-brandy.
  • solar It requires only solar heat to bring it to perfection.
  • sonar DSIT, based in Israel, makes systems of sonar arrays that detect underwater activity; these are marketed by Acorn Energy for the protection of energy infrastructure facilities near water.
  • sort I'm not the sort to be in one.
  • sot Some on 'em thought she wuzn't sot enough on the creeds, and some thought she wuz too rigid.
  • sour Better a feast of corn bread and a cheerful countenance than fruit cake and a sour temperament.
  • stab The girl shrank as if she had received a stab.
  • stag Idaho bought a new 'gun,' but he wore it 'in his clothes,' and used it chiefly in the pastime of shooting out the lights or in picking off the heels from the boys' boots while a stag dance was in progress in Slavin's.
  • stair His room was up a short stair of ten steps.
  • star It is the star of Truth.
  • stare The little doctor, after an incredulous stare, began chattering with wrath.
  • stark It ate down to the bare ground and this lies stark, for the breezes have taken away the light ashes.
  • starr "She used to be-well, a little of a flirt, and I don't believe she has forgot all about it yet," said Mr Green, nodding in the direction of Captain Starr, with a knowing look.
  • start The evening before Lady R-was to start was passed very gloomily.
  • stay You have made yourself ill, waiting upon poor William, and you must stay here and take a holiday until you are cured.
  • steer He has spoiled my night's reading, and that's reason enough, if there were no other, why I should steer clear of him in the future.
  • stir The planchette began to stir itself again.
  • stoat Then, in a flash, he had stopped, spun about like a top, and struck with his spurs twice-whack, whack-more than instantly, and a long, low, brown body-close behind him, that had risen as he turned, so that its spotlessly clean shirt-front offered him a fine mark, went over sideways-with a grunt and all the wind knocked out of it, as well as an inch-and-a-half gash to remember friend pheasant by. That was one stoat; but it was not alone.
  • stoker "None whatever," replied Stoker, with a patronising air; "p'r'aps it may be as well for fear you should kitch cold."
  • stop Nothing must now stop us.
  • store I couldn't get anything else to do, besides, this pays better than working in a store or office.
  • stork "Now thou wilt be somebody," whispered the stork-mother; "it is only reasonable to expect that."
  • storm I didn't care to face the storm.
  • story "That is my story, Miss Morriston.
  • stow Give her an open sea, and a cap-full of wind, and she'll defy all the black women that the brigantine can stow.
  • stuart Stuart held me up and grinned.
  • sty Two great bins over the sty and poultry-house received the yellow ears, the longest and fairest being stored in one, and in the other the "nubbin's," speedily to be transformed into pork.
  • suitor He did-and he further told me, Miss Dows, that he himself was your suitor, and that you had refused him because of the objections of your people.
  • tar The application of pine tar to the nostrils of sheep is the most practical method of preventing "grub in the head."
  • tear "We must get the paper at all cost, and pray be careful not to tear it," I cried.
  • tor So it came to pass that on the very Tuesday evening after Morland had returned to camp, Margaret Lindsay and Lorraine shouldered bathing-tent, rugs, and picnic-basket, and trudged out to Giant's Tor Point.
  • tour For evil or for good, it was, at the time, the preponderating motive for attempting the tour to Soudan.
  • Stan Stan had got a job.
  • Saar During 1918 the production was 161,500,000 tons as compared with 191,500,000 tons in 1913; and during the first half of 1919 it was less than 50,000,000 tons, exclusive of Alsace-Lorraine and the Saar but including Upper Silesia, corresponding to an annual production of about 100,000,000 tons.
  • Stu Stu. Why am I thus broke in upon?
  • stars And if, O stars!
  • soars The tiny animal soars in space and shines, lit up by the sun.
  • ST He is at St. Petersburg?
  • STA Maria in Cosmedin, where the Via Sta.
  • STAT The Federal Aid Road Act of 1916 (also known as the Bankhead–Shackleford Act), 39 Stat.
  • STE An agricultural school was founded at Ste.
  • STOL The de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engined high-wing propeller-driven STOL aircraft, principally operated as a bush plane and other utility roles, such as cargo and passenger hauling, aerial application (crop dusting and aerial topdressing), and general civil aviation purposes; aviation publication Plane & Pilot described the type as being "arguably the best bush plane ever built".
  • satay Barbecue sandwich Beef ribs Beefsteak Brisket Burnt ends Brochette Bulgogi Bull roast Carne asada Cha siu bao Chuanr Churrasco CocoloÅŸi Corn on the cob Dakkochi Espetada Fatányéros Frigărui Galinha à Africana Isaw Jeok Jujeh kabab Kabab Barg Kai yang Kebab Khorkhog Kofte kebab Lechon Mashawi Méchoui – A North African dish that consists of a whole sheep or a lamb spit-roasted on a barbecue Meurav Yerushalmi Mixiote Mućkalica Pig pickin Pig roast Pinchitos Pork ribs Pork shoulder Provoleta Pulled pork Ražnjići Sausage Satay Shashlik Spare ribs Sosatie Souvlaki Suckling pig Suya Tsukune Yakitori

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