Correct spelling for STOEN

We think the word stoen is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stoen

  • atone If something was not done to atone for it, Miss Henley would be capable-her face, at that moment, answered for her-of leaving the house with Mr. Mountjoy.
  • sateen She was skilful with her needle and out of sateen and some gay ribbons she constructed a suit that was picturesque and jaunty even if not entirely the sort a shepherd lad might choose for daily wear.
  • satin "Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls Come hither, the dances are done, In glass of satin and glimmer of pearls.
  • scone Aunt Emmeline helped herself systematically from each of the plates in turn, working steadily through courses of bread and butter, sandwiches, scone, petits fours, and wedding cake.
  • seen He was married that morning; hadn't he, Ross, seen him married?
  • sen There was a price on Bah Hmoay's head, and if Moung Sen had come within the pale of the law it would have gone hard with him.
  • seton In order to report properly to any army post, I had in my pocket a letter from General Miles which commended me to all agents and officers, and with this as passport I was in the middle of getting my equipment in order when Ernest Thompson Seton and his wife surprised me by dropping off the train one morning late in the month.
  • sodden I sent word up-stairs by Bella, who was sitting in the kitchen, her heavy face sodden with grief, and taking my hat and raincoat-it was raining a light spring drizzle-I hurried to the station.
  • son The first was about your son-in-law.
  • soon How soon must you go?
  • sown She walked across some waste land sown with memories of picnics, and reached the main road.
  • stain Every blood-stain on the hand, every scratch, every wound which the desperate woman had torn with her own nails on her bosom, which gleamed snow-white from her black robes, was distinctly visible.
  • stamen The filament is the stalk of the stamen.
  • stein Dave Cowan ate his bread and cheese with relish and invoked another stein of beer from Minna, who vindictively flung her jest at him again as she brought it.
  • stern Mr. Sparling's stern, judicial eyes were fixed upon them.
  • sterne This coupling of injunction and prohibition is worthy of Shakespeare or of Sterne: Marry, if you chance to get into your hands any witty thing of another man's, that is somewhat better, I would counsel you then, if demand be made who composed it, you may say: "'Faith, a learned Gentleman, a very worthy friend."
  • stew When the dose was sufficiently cooked Prime fished the leaves out of the liquor with a forked twig, and carried the stew-pan to the brook to take the scalding edge off of the ill-smelling decoction.
  • sting Mr. Sefton has already taken the sting out of the snake!"
  • stoke She read it hastily: "From Proprietor, Norton's Hotel, Jermyn Street, London, to Mrs. Lewin, Peveril Court, Stoke Peveril, Herefordshire.
  • stole Sylvia nodded, and stole silently out of the room.
  • stolen Suppose they should be stolen?
  • stolon Such outgrowths are called stolons, and a stolon may be simple, i. e. contain only one solenium, as in Cornularia, or may be complex and built up of many solenia, as in Clavularia.
  • stone I've a heart o' stone-a heart o' stone."
  • stoned He had been employed to paint a signboard, a thing stoned by the boys, blown on by the winds, gnawed by the rats, and drenched with the winter's rains.
  • stony The iron-grey eyes became stony, quite expressionless.
  • store Can we picture our land without a house or a store or a railroad?
  • stove With eager hands he gathered up the pieces of wood and cast them into the stove.
  • stow Only you'll fin' they's plenty o' room inside to stow away that rubbish an' all our little do-es beside."
  • stowe In keeping with the provision of the Discipline, adopted at the recent session of the General Conference, for the Trial of Appeals, the Conference elected her quota as follows: W.G. Miller, O.J. Cowles, Joseph Anderson, J.W. Carhart, P.B. Pease, P.S. Bennett, and W.P. Stowe.
  • strewn I put in softly, very softly, for my way was strewn with pitfalls and precipices.
  • stun Dorothy havin' never been there, felt that she must see Shakespeare's home, which is a journey of only three hours by rail, so we made a visit there one day, passing through some of England's most beautiful seenery on our way, grand old parks with stately houses rising up in their midst, gray stun churches in charming little villages, thatched-roof cottages, picturesque water-mills; it wuz all a lovely picture of rural England.
  • teen The government of the island, together with Malacca, Penang, and Province Wellesley, has lately teen transferred from the Indian Government directly to the Crown.
  • ten Five minutes passed, ten.
  • ton It reminded me of the mauvais ton in Gogol's "Revisor", do you remember?
  • tone Her tone was unmistakable.
  • torn Hanlon started toward the door, then looked down at his torn and dirty clothing.
  • town Did not know you were in town.
  • Aston The brave Governor, Sir Arthur Aston, retired with his staff to an old mill on an eminence, but they were disarmed and slain in cold blood.
  • Steven She said this with a merry laugh and cried out, "Steven, Steven, Steven!"
  • Sutton And if that child was hers- So I left these two lady highbinders and went on into the retail side of the Family Liquor Store to order up some cooking sherry, and there over the partition from the bar side what do I hear but Alonzo Price and Ben Sutton!
  • Stan "He could do that anyway," Stan answered.
  • Steno He bowed to Madame Steno and her daughter.
  • Stones Grabbing all the stones he could gather in one sweep of his hands he started on a run toward Red Larry, letting one drive with every jump.
  • Stine At Mackeyville, John Harley, Andrew R. Stine, wife and two daughters, were drowned, while the two boys were saved.
  • STE The church at Sault Ste.
  • stonier Then we faced down into the head of a ravine that ever grew deeper, stonier and rougher.
  • Staten He pointed out with great clearness its dangerous and possibly fatal character; assuring the Staten that, within a fortnight after the expedition had begun, the archduke would follow upon their heels with an army fully able to cope with the best which they could put into the field.

39 words made from the letters stoen

3 letter words made from stoen:

ent, sot, eos, ten, est, one, not, son, toe, ton, sen, eon, neo, set, net.

4 letter words made from stoen:

5 letter words made from stoen:

tenso, seton, etons, stoen, onset, tenos, neots, tones, notes, stone.

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