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How to spell STOERS correctly?

If the word "stoers" is misspelled, there are several possible correct suggestions. It could be "stores", "stories", "stoves", "stares" or "stairs". The correct spelling would depend on the context in which the word is being used.

List of suggestions on how to spell stoers correctly

  • DOERS The doers in the company are the ones who get things done and make things happen.
  • esters Esters are commonly used in perfumes and flavorings due to their pleasant and fruity aroma.
  • SEERS The seers are hexagonal buildings enjoyed by all who wander the prairies.
  • setters The setters on the volleyball team are responsible for setting up plays for their hitters to score points.
  • sitters I can't believe she had us sitters for her baby's christening.
  • soars The bird spreads its wings and soars high above the clouds.
  • sobers When he realized the severity of the situation, it sobers him up.
  • Sours The milk sours if left out in the open for too long.
  • sowers The sowers of discord were responsible for the dissolution of the group.
  • stairs I need to climb up the stairs to get to my bedroom.
  • starers I have a lot of starers who are always asking for free stuff.
  • stars The sky was filled with countless stars.
  • stayers Mom and Dad are both stayers.
  • steer The driver had to use both hands to steer the big rig through the narrow street.
  • steers The experienced cowboy expertly steers the herd of cattle through the dusty plains.
  • stems The stems of the trees swayed gently in the breeze.
  • steps She climbed the steps to reach the top of the tower.
  • sterns Keep your sterns clean or you will earn the wrath of the captain.
  • STETS The defendant maintains his innocence and STETS his plea.
  • stews I enjoy cooking stews, they're a favorite meal of mine.
  • Sties The sties on my arm are starting to become itchier.
  • stirs
  • stoker The stoker was responsible for keeping the engine room fires burning on the steamship.
  • stokers The stokers were working hard to keep the fire going in the steam engine.
  • Stokes
  • stoles The choir members wore stoles embroidered with gold crosses for the Christmas Eve service.
  • Stones I picked up a handful of stones along the river bank.
  • stoppers I use stoppers to hold my pens in my pocket.
  • stops
  • store
  • stores
  • storeys
  • storks Every spring, storks migrate thousands of miles to return to their nesting grounds.
  • storms Parts of the country are expecting severe storms late tonight into early Friday.
  • stoves The kitchen has two stoves to accommodate large family gatherings.
  • stows He stows all his belongings in his backpack before hiking.
  • tiers
  • TOES I have seven toes on each foot.
  • TORS The TORS test is used to measure hearing threshold.
  • tours I have planned three tours of the city for my visiting family.

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