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How to spell STOES correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "stoes", here are some potential correct suggestions: "stones", "stores", "stoops", "stove" or "stoats". Double-checking and utilizing spell-check tools can help avoid such errors, ensuring your writing remains accurate and effective.

List of suggestions on how to spell stoes correctly

  • Estes Estes is a city located in Colorado.
  • sates After snacking on some popcorn, John's hunger sates and he feels content.
  • sides I'm going to make mashed potatoes and green beans for the sides to go with the steak.
  • sites She spent the whole day visiting historical sites around the city.
  • SODS I was dismayed to discover that the package contained nothing but sods instead of the grass seed I had ordered.
  • sos
  • SOTS
  • stars I see stars when I look up in the sky.
  • stays The cat stays in the kitchen when it's time for dinner.
  • STE
  • steers The farmer uses a whip to control his team of steers.
  • stems The stems of the flowers were fragile and needed to be handled with care.
  • steps I must take the steps to success.
  • STETS I will ensure that the policy remains STETS and there are no changes made to it.
  • stews She stews vegetables for dinner every Wednesday.
  • Sties My grandma told me not to touch the sties on her eyes because they were inflamed.
  • stirs
  • Stogies I've always loved stogies and I've never been able to figure out why.
  • stokers The men working in the coal stokers' pit were black.
  • Stokes I am looking for a new job and my old boss recommended Stokes.
  • stoles She draped one of her favorite stoles over her shoulders as she walked out the door.
  • Stones The stones scattered on the ground made a noise as they hit the ground.
  • stooges The stooges are going to help us with the prank.
  • stops The car stops at the traffic light.
  • stores I need to stop by the stores to pick up groceries for dinner tonight.
  • storeys The apartments were on the third and fourth storeys.
  • Stories She told stories of when she was younger and how things used to be.
  • stoves My parents have a total of five stoves in their house.
  • stows He carefully stows away his prized possessions in a secure place.
  • TOES I always make sure to wiggle my toes when I take off my shoes after a long day.

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