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How to spell STRAED correctly?

The correct spelling of "straed" is likely "street". Some other possible suggestions could include "stread", "streed" or "streedt", but "street" is the most commonly used and recognized spelling for the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell straed correctly

  • Sired
  • staged The play was expertly staged with elaborate sets and costumes.
  • staid The company's staid management style was seen as outdated by younger employees.
  • Staked She staked her claim to the land by putting up a fence around it.
  • Staled Lara is starring in a new movie called Staled.
  • stared She stared at the kitten for a moment before picking it up and taking it to her house.
  • starred He starred in the play alongside his twin sister.
  • started A car started in the garage.
  • starved Starved dogs seek out any food they can find.
  • stated I stated that I would give you my number.
  • Staved He staved off dehydration by drinking plenty of water during the marathon.
  • Stayed
  • stead He stood his ground and held his position steadfastly, never faltering from his stead.
  • steed The knight mounted his faithful steed and rode off into the sunset.
  • stirred I stirred the pot, not realizing how much soup I had made.
  • stored The item was stored in a dark and dusty corner of the attic.
  • storied The storied history of the city's oldest building is a source of pride for the local community.
  • strafe During the war, the fighter planes were ordered to strafe enemy bases in order to weaken their defenses.
  • strafed The soldier was strafed while on patrol.
  • strained His strained face revealed the pain he was feeling.
  • strait The ship had to navigate through a narrow strait in order to reach its destination.
  • strand I got a strand of hair stuck in my eye.
  • Strapped She was so strapped for cash she had to pawn her necklace.
  • Strata The strata of rock visible in the cliffs is impressive.
  • straw
  • Strawed
  • stray I saw a stray dog downtown.
  • Strayed The strayed cat slept all day in the sun.
  • streaked I streaked through the park, running as fast as I could.
  • Streamed The game was streamed live on YouTube.
  • street
  • strew I sprinkled a few straws on the ground for the children to strew.
  • Strewed She strewed rose petals along the aisle for her wedding ceremony.
  • Striae Striae, also known as stretch marks, often occur during times of rapid weight gain or growth.
  • Striated The striated muscles in her arm flexed as she lifted the heavy weight.
  • striped The striped tiger was beautiful.
  • stroked I stroked his back as he wept.
  • trad
  • treed
  • tried I have tried to diet for weeks and I can't seem to keep the weight off.
  • trued

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