What is the correct spelling for STRATERY?

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Correct spelling for STRATERY

We think the word stratery is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stratery

  • saturate The quantity of water used in this second mashing is about fifteen gallons; and the malt having already retained as much water as is sufficient to saturate it, the whole amount of the fifteen gallons is afterwards recovered from the mash tub.
  • saturated 2. The white silk handkerchief which was saturated with chloroform, and was found tied across the mouth of the deceased, marked with the letters O.W. in red silk.
  • starred The meadow, the solemnly playing Indians, and their gentle teacher were left behind, and the two men, passing the long college all astare with windows, the Indian school, and an expanse of grass starred with buttercups, came into Duke of Gloucester Street.
  • statuary Daniel would not give in to Nebuchadnezzar's taste in statuary, and we are called on to fall down and worship an image of Daniel which the Assyrian monarch would have gone to grass again sooner than have it in his back-parlor.
  • stature She was a woman of great stature, strong as a man and a bit of a witch.
  • statutory Nothing whatsoever was done to remove the essential vices of agrarian tenure during the eighteenth century; nothing tentative even during the nineteenth century until the year 1870; nothing effective and permanent until 1881, when, as far as humanly possible, it was sought to give direct statutory expression to the Ulster Custom, with the addition of the principle of a fair judicial rent.
  • strait This ice is comin' out of the strait.
  • straiten
  • straits
  • strategy
  • stratify
  • stratum
  • stratus
  • strawberry
  • street
  • stride
  • strut
  • Strata
  • Striated
  • Strode
  • stared
  • saturates
  • straighter
  • streets
  • plinks

192 words made from the letters stratery

5 letter words made from stratery:

setty, strae, tryst, reast, stare, stary, etats, rytas, satyr, astre, aerts, terry, treat, tatry, yater, testy, tarty, yarrs, terts, tater, yeast, tyras, treys, satre, serra, stray, sterr, tears, rayer, tyers, styer, reasy, ryser, teatr, tryer, ratty, tarsy, testa, aster, saety, start, tarry, tares, rasey, trest, yaser, eyras, rates, tyres, teras, rears, ratte, state, rayes, traer, yarer, trate, years, trary, yetts, starr, ratey, aytes, retry, trsat, teays, yeats, sater, treta, syrte, teary, arsey, styte, tarte, raste, tetra, taste, ytter, setta, sarre, tyrer, resay, asyet, tasty, artsy.

4 letter words made from stratery:

reay, ayre, ayer, easy, erya, stet, ryes, yrsa, yser, ryer, stye, tear, sate, eyas, ryas, test, trey, tsar, rest, yeas, rayt, aery, stay, seya, tyrr, ayte, arey, reys, east, seay, sett, etsy, styr, tray, rear, arty, errs, ayts, tary, rate, arts, esty, seat, trat, sear, rase, tyet, tyre, tays, seta, star, tsay, tery, eats, rare, tyes, teat, tare, ares, eyra, rary, stty, tate, ytre, tyas, year, erst, yeta, tera, arse, tety, tart.

3 letter words made from stratery:

set, res, era, tyr, yet, tay, yea, tar, ret, rye, err, are, sty, say, ear, sat, esr, eta, art, ayr, tea, rat, tat, est, yes, tet, ert, ras, ray, sea, ter, ate, rya, try, eat.

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