What is the correct spelling for STRATGIES?

This word (Stratgies) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for STRATGIES

We think the word stratgies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stratgies

  • statics Their knowledge of statics must have been fairly complete, or they could not have built their temples and pyramids; but their records show little understanding of dynamics.
  • straits So the Swedes at that time governed the passage up and down the Delaware, as the English now govern the passage through the Straits of Gibraltar.
  • stratagem The duke had pretended to disgrace St. Germain in France that he might use him as a spy in London; but Lord Halifax was by no means taken in by this stratagem.
  • strategic All were strategic points on the Lakes; but Malden was particularly important as the center of British influence among the Indians of the Northwest.
  • strategics
  • strategist
  • stratus
  • stratifies
  • stratagems "You are not experienced in war and in the use of the stratagems that it requires; among these, one of the most important is to kindle strife in the camp of the enemy, whereby he becomes far easier to conquer.
  • strategies
  • strangers Who you strangers, whar you come from?

366 words made from the letters stratgies

5 letter words made from stratgies:

raits, siter, arise, satti, stars, essai, regas, agers, stire, isser, airts, etgar, terai, gress, sires, asger, tries, rites, gatis, stasi, reais, essig, geras, grita, iarge, ieast, sater, grais, staes, seats, raeti, tragi, reiss, tista, trsat, grass, serga, raitt, gests, setta, grits, riess, steai, saget, gerst, reist, stirs, treta, aegir, garis, tirta, stare, atget, retag, tater, sarig, siret, stria, taits, stieg, gites, ragis, istre, setai, stage, sersi, seita, tiste, tiegs, gatti, itter, taigs, rates, start, getts, geats, tetra, serag, seria, setit, saite, sitta, tiars, resit, great, greis, griet, tares, strag, sitar, tiger, sears, easts, riets, sesia, ritts, sitae, atire, gasts, saris, rissa, aster, trise, saist, sites, grate, sirat, taite, gairs, estas, state, tirat, aesir, satie, ratti, treis, sarti, isger, sarsi, rigas, estai, tarte, stati, sates, trate, tires, siers, setti, aegis, teras, astir, giers, ittar, tasse, sages, graet, sitte, teria, gries, staig, strae, essar, assir, steir, rases, teatr, gitar, testa, resia, geiss, tears, asier, tager, aesti, iater, titer, tarig, gersi, trait, gater, satre, etats, sista, gesar, treat, gaite, taste, garst, tegra, stair, tress, strei, grias, gates, ister, siste, seras, geits, sager, tetri, garet, ratte, tetia, stags, satit, setia, aries, satir, retia, itera, stais, titre, raise, sgeir, aerts, trite, tiers, tigar, tiges, astre, tsagi, triga, raste, argei, gears, trest, asset, terts, gerti, raite, tsair, irate, riage, gasse, tassi, grist, gaitt, rises, sirte, reast, tages, arges, girts, steig, siega, sgeis, itser, siart, geass, triet.

3 letter words made from stratgies:

set, ear, ira, art, tet, ret, rit, ige, sea, teg, rag, gsr, age, sag, gar, sir, sat, get, sit, ate, ras, eta, erg, rat, ter, iga, tat, air, tai, era, sse, tag, rig, irs, tea, ies, tia, eat, ert, sis, tss, gas, tit, tie, esr, ire, res, tri, ass, are, est, gat, tar.

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