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How to spell STRIEVED correctly?

If you meant to type "strieved" but realized it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. The word might be "strived", meaning to make an effort or endeavor. Another option could be "shriveled", indicating something has shrunk or withered. It could also be "striven", the past participle of "strive", which denotes striving or working hard towards a goal.

List of suggestions on how to spell strieved correctly

  • Retrieved The lost data was successfully retrieved from the backup server.
  • Strewed She strewed rose petals along the wedding aisle.
  • Striated The striated pattern on the butterfly's wings was beautifully intricate.
  • Stringed Lisa played the beautiful, stringed harp for her audience.
  • striped She wore a striped blouse with a pair of blue jeans.
  • stripped The old building was stripped of all its valuable parts before being demolished.
  • strive
  • Striven I have striven for success in my academic and professional life.
  • strives

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