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How to spell STRORE correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "strore", worry not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "store" is the correct spelling, referring to a place where goods are sold. Another option could be "strobe", which is a type of flashing light. Remember to double-check your spelling to maintain clear communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell strore correctly

  • sartre Jean-Paul Sartre was a leading existentialist philosopher and writer.
  • stare
  • store
  • stored All of the boxes are stored in the attic.
  • stores I need to go to multiple stores to buy all the ingredients for tonight's dinner.
  • storey
  • story
  • strafe The pilot was ordered to strafe the enemy camp with machine gun fire.
  • Striae Striae are common during puberty and pregnancy due to rapid growth and hormonal changes.
  • stride
  • strife The town was once plagued by strife but now it is a peaceful town.
  • strike
  • stripe
  • strive We must strive to be better citizens.
  • strobe The strobe lights at the nightclub were so intense that they gave me a headache.
  • Strode
  • stroke He suffered a stroke last year and has been in recovery ever since.
  • stroll I love to take a morning stroll around the park to enjoy the fresh air.
  • strop Before using a straight razor, the barber would always strop it first to sharpen the blade.
  • strophe Throughout the strophe, the speaker expresses her indignation at the injustices done to her person.
  • Strove I strove to make my parents proud.

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