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How to spell STROW correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "strow", it could actually be "straw", referring to the dried stalks of grain. Alternatively, "strow" might be a typographical error for "stow", meaning to store or keep things away. Remember to double-check spellings to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell strow correctly

  • sorrow Her eyes were filled with sorrow as she gazed at the empty chair.
  • SRO The SRO program at my high school has helped build strong relationships between students and law enforcement officers.
  • stew I'm going to stew my dog for dinner tonight.
  • stow I will stow my luggage in the overhead compartment before takeoff.
  • stowe
  • stows She stows away on the ship to see the world.
  • straw I needed a straw to drink my drink.
  • straws We should avoid using plastic straws in order to reduce plastic pollution.
  • stray I found a stray dog alone on the streets.
  • strew
  • strewn The floor was strewn with clothes that had been hastily thrown aside.
  • stria The stria of the nephotas is an outstanding feature of this species.
  • strobe The strobe light at the concert made my head hurt.
  • Strode After Strode saw Jones, he knew that he had to confront him about his comments.
  • stroke She was unable to speak clearly after suffering a stroke.
  • stroll We decided to take a stroll to the park.
  • strop Before using my straight razor, I always make sure to give it a good honing on my leather strop.
  • Strove I strove to finish my homework before dinner.
  • styron She is a great fan of Styron.
  • Trow A trow is a four-wheeled, cart-like vehicle used in the United Kingdom for transporting goods.
  • troy After losing the coin toss, Troy chose to go first.

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