How to spell STSUS correctly?

If the misspelling "stsus" is meant to be "status", then some suggestions for correction could include using spell check or proofreading, sounding out the word aloud or using a dictionary or online resource to confirm the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell stsus correctly

  • stabs He stabs his fork into his steak and takes a big bite.
  • stags During mating season, male stags compete for the attention of female deer.
  • stars A cluster of stars can be seen evening sky.
  • stasis The lack of progress in our project has caused a state of stasis in the organization.
  • STATS Stats have been trending up this season.
  • status She wanted to know her current employment status with the company.
  • stays
  • stems The stems of the flowers were carefully trimmed before being arranged in the vase.
  • steps I have to take several steps to get to the kitchen.
  • STETS STETS means "let it stand" in proofreading marks.
  • stews He often stews over minor mistakes he made in the past.
  • Sties I often get sties on my eyelids when I am stressed.
  • stirs The aroma of coffee stirs memories of my grandmother's morning routine.
  • stops
  • stoups The church's entryway featured several stoups filled with holy water.
  • stouts I put some stouts in my koozie.
  • stows She stows away her old clothes in the attic.
  • stubs I found several ticket stubs from the concert in my coat pocket.
  • studs He wore silver studs in his ears.
  • stuns The magician stuns the audience with his amazing card tricks.
  • stylus I don't know how to use a stylus.

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