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How to spell STUMLING correctly?

If you meant to say "stumbling" instead of "stumling", here are some possible correct suggestions: walking, tripping, faltering, tripping up, losing one's balance, fumbling, floundering, struggling, making mistakes. These synonyms convey the idea of accidental mistakes or difficulties in movement.

List of suggestions on how to spell stumling correctly

  • stabling The stabling facilities at the horse ranch were top-notch, with spacious stalls and plenty of fresh hay.
  • Staling
  • stalling The pilot was accused of stalling the plane.
  • Stamping Stamping the logo onto the package was the final step in the production process.
  • stapling I am stapling these papers together to create a packet for the meeting.
  • starling
  • stealing He was arrested for stealing a wallet from a passerby.
  • Steeling
  • Stemming Stemming from their disagreement, the team was unable to complete the project on time.
  • sterling The quality of the product is sterling.
  • stifling
  • Stilling Even in the chaos of the storm, the stilling of the wind brought a moment of peace to the sailor.
  • Stirling Stirling is a city in central Scotland that is known for its historic castle and beautiful architecture.
  • stomping The stomping of her heavy boots echoed through the hallway.
  • stumbling I was stumbling around in the dark trying to find my way back to the hotel.
  • stumping He was stumping across the forest floor, his footsteps crunching on the leaves, searching for the lost path.
  • Styling She spent hours on styling her hair before the party.

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