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How to spell STURYING correctly?

The correct spelling for "sturying" is studying. To avoid misspelling, make sure to use spell check, proofread your work, and consult a dictionary if in doubt. Additionally, practicing your spelling skills and paying close attention to proper spelling can go a long way in ensuring that misspellings are kept to a minimum.

List of suggestions on how to spell sturying correctly

  • scurrying
  • staring
  • starring The new movie starring Tom Hanks was a big hit at the box office.
  • Staying Staying up late every night can negatively impact your productivity and health.
  • stirring The stirring music in the Broadway show gave me chills.
  • Storing Storing groceries in the pantry helps to keep the kitchen organized.
  • straying The lost dog was straying from street to street, trying to find his way back home.
  • string
  • studying
  • suturing The doctor performed an intricate suturing technique to close the wound.
  • trying

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