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How to spell STYED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "styed", the correct suggestion depends on the context. If you mean to refer to a place where pigs are kept, the correct spelling is "stye". However, if you meant to type "stayed", which means to remain in a particular place, that is the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell styed correctly

  • dyed
  • sated After consuming the whole pizza, I felt sated and had no room for dessert.
  • Sided
  • Sited The university campus is sited on a spacious plot of land surrounded by lush green trees.
  • slayed King Slayed the dragon and freed the princess from her tower.
  • spayed She has been spayed and is now ready for her new family.
  • staged The play was staged for our entertainment.
  • staid The staid old woman was not impressed by the tattered young man.
  • Staked I was Staked out by the cops.
  • Staled
  • stared She stared at her reflection in the mirror and couldn't believe how much she had aged.
  • stated The athletes have stated that they will not participate in the Games because of the conditions.
  • Staved I staved off my hunger with a small snack until dinner was ready.
  • Stayed I stayed at home all weekend to study for my upcoming exams.
  • stayer John is a stayer, he was the only one in our group who completed the marathon.
  • STD
  • stead He worked hard and remained at his post, holding the stead until his colleague arrived.
  • steed
  • stet The editor marked the change in red pen, but the author wrote "stet" in the margin to indicate that the original text should remain as written.
  • stewed I heated up some beef stewed in a sauce made from red wine, tomato sauce and bouillon.
  • stoked I am stoked for my vacation next week!
  • stoned He got stoned last night with his friends.
  • Stood The sky was orange, and the sun was rising. I stood and watched it for a while.
  • stored The data is stored on the external hard drive for safekeeping.
  • Stowed She stowed her bags in the overhead bin.
  • Strayed The lost dog strayed too far from his home and couldn't find his way back.
  • stud The construction worker without any hesitation pulled out his stud finder to locate the perfect spot to hang the painting.
  • styled
  • stymied Despite numerous attempts to solve the equation, the student was stymied and could not figure out the answer.
  • Swayed I was so swayed by her argument that I agreed to her proposal.
  • toyed I toyed with the idea of going to the party, but I thought it would be too much effort.

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